ThirdLove Told Me I Should Be Wearing a Bigger Bra (And They Were Right)

I had no idea.  I mean, I always thought I was wearing the right sized bra, but according to ThirdLove's app to help women accurately measure their bra size, I was way off.  And I'm not alone.  Approximately 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong sized bra, but ThirdLove has found a way to change … [Read more...]

Another Huge HTC Video Leak Shows Off Duo Camera’s Power

By now, we’ve gotten about 500 close looks at the All New One from HTC, the follow-up to the company’s flagship phone from 2013. And even though HTC will be unveiling the phone at an event in New York City tomorrow, another massive leak about the phone has hit the web, this time in the form of a 14-minute … [Read more...]

Google Refuses to Make Gov’t Robots, DARPA Prefers Bing Anyway

Back in December, news got out about Google’s big push to enter the field of robotics: former Android boss Andy Rubin was promoted to head the robotics division, while the company scooped up bunches of robotics companies in the United States and Asia. But it seems that those acquisitions have created … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: Google Unveils Android Wear; Mt. Gox Finds 200,000 Bitcoins

It's Sunday, which means we're once again filling you in on the past week's top tech stories. That's right -- it's Weekend Wrap-Up time. Buckle in and watch our video version below, or scroll down a bit further to read what went on last week in the tech world. Android Wear: Google's Take on the Smart … [Read more...]

About That Flop: Apple’s iPhone 5c Still Outsold Android, BlackBerry & Windows Phones in Q4

A new report from Apple Insider uncovers a surprising fact about Apple's "unapologetically plastic" iPhone 5c; despite the stories of it being a failure or a flop, the less-expensive iPhone actually outsold its competitors on other platforms in Q4 2013. Devices running Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone … [Read more...]

Twitter Finally Shutting Down Twitter Music on April 18th

Today is a sad day for those of us who actually used Twitter's floundering Twitter Music service, originally released last April, just shy of a year ago. While the service has been rumored to be on the chopping block for quite some time now, Twitter finally confirmed just minutes ago on the service's official … [Read more...]

Moto 360 Rumored to Have OLED, Sapphire Glass Display, and Wireless Battery Charging

Google’s announcement of Android Wear earlier this week has suddenly changed the conversation when it comes to wearables. Instead of a weird side-business explored by Sony and Samsung that has yet to be proven, Google—and the subsequent announcements from LG and Motorola of their own Android Wear watches—has … [Read more...]

That’s Cool: The Quirky+GE Aros Brings Intelligence to the Window Air Conditioner

A new window air conditioning unit looks to add Nest-like smart home functionality to an appliance that, to this point, hasn't been all that smart. It's called the Quirky+GE Aros, and it's a Wi-Fi-capable, smartphone-compatible 8,000 BTU system that will retail for $300 when it arrives in May (h/t … [Read more...]

Review: EaseUS Todo Backup is a Solid Choice to Migrate Your Data from Windows XP

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored review. Products featured in sponsored reviews are tested and reviewed with the same process as non-sponsored reviews and are not guaranteed to be positive. It’s a fact of life that you’ll change computers, hard drives, or operating systems, and you’ll need to move your … [Read more...]

Handybook’s Bet on Home Services is A Winning One

When it comes to industries like travel, food, and retail, there are literally hundreds of sites and apps where you can book flights, make restaurant reservations or buy a shirt.  But when it comes to booking services in the home, like housecleaning and plumbing, there is one app that is becoming the … [Read more...]

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