Guess Who Else Doesn’t Trust Comcast? Sen. Al Franken

Ever since news broke of the Comcast / Time Warner Cable merger, more than a few eyebrows have been raised. Comcast is the number one cable provider in the country and Time Warner Cable is number two. Many, including myself, feel that such a merger won't benefit consumers in any way. But now a more prominent … [Read more...]

Experts Weigh in on Bitcoin, Transaction Malleability, and the Mt. Gox’s Meltdown

In the wake of this morning’s news that Mt. Gox has filed for bankruptcy protection, some players in the field of cryptocurrency and bitcoin have weighed in on just where Mt. Gox seems to have gone wrong. The consensus? The missing 750,000 bitcoins are a result of Mt. Gox’s poor practices rather than any … [Read more...]

There Are Tech Interns Making $7,000 Per Month

What did you make as an intern? I'm going to guess that, for most of you, it was not $7,000 a month. But that's what some interns are making at software company Palantir, and those at well-known tech companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google aren't doing too badly, either. The numbers come courtesy of … [Read more...]

Is Amazon Entering the Streaming Audio Business?

Yet again, more rumors about Amazon’s upcoming business plans have surfaced—this time surrounding the possibility of the company jumping into the already-crowded streaming music business. A post on Re/code cites “industry sources” who claim that Amazon is talking with music industry bigwigs about setting up a … [Read more...]

Apple TV Now Comes With a $25 iTunes Gift Card at Apple Stores

Interested in an Apple TV deal? According to 9 to 5 Mac, Apple retail employees were told this morning that anyone buying Apple's streaming box will also get a free $25 iTunes gift card. The offer seems to be limited to Apple Store locations, though we're keeping our eyes on Apple's online store for signs of … [Read more...]

Mt. Gox Files for Bankruptcy, 750k Bitcoins Lost

Early this morning, Mt. Gox officially filed for bankruptcy protection in Tokyo, Japan, confirming reports that the company had lost 750,000 bitcoins—with a current estimated value of roughly $477 million—were lost. According to CEO Mark Karpeles, who announced the bankruptcy filing at a press conference, … [Read more...]

Interview: EA Founder Trip Hawkins’ New Game Teaches Social and Emotional Learning Skills

Trip Hawkins has had the kind of career in the video game industry that most people only read about. He’s gone from marketing director at Apple, to founder of Electronic Arts, from laying the groundwork for one of the industry's most enduring franchises as creator of Madden NFL, to launching the 3DO console … [Read more...]

Google Hangouts 2.0 Arrives for iOS, Adds iPad Redesign & New Features

The Google Hangouts app for iOS has stayed largely the same since its launch in May 2013. Apple's iOS 7 launched this past fall, introducing a new look and new development features; yet the Hangouts app never took advantage. Until now, that is. Nearly nine months after launching, Google has finally put out … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts on the Upcoming Xbox One Update

As we've covered previously, Microsoft plans to roll out a software update for the Xbox One in early March that'll add some new goodies; for instance, better Xbox Live friend list functionality. I was fortunate enough to get preview access to the upcoming update, which I've been playing with for the past … [Read more...]

Images and Impressions of Next HTC One Leaked

The Mobile World Congress has come and gone, but OEMs are still making plans to unveil their new products for the coming year. And since Samsung took the occasion to let the world in on its plans for the Galaxy S5, is competitors have a bit of time to figure out their plans of attack. HTC, for one, seems to … [Read more...]

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