Popcorn Time Installer Taken Down from Kim Dotcom’s Mega for Violating Terms of Service

Yesterday we told you about Popcorn Time, a program that took all the "difficulty" out of torrenting a movie, essentially becoming the movie industries worst nightmare.  Good news for the movie industry came today though: the Popcorn Time installer has been pulled from the site that was hosting it. … [Read more...]

Google Acquires Green Throttle Games, Signals Android Console Possibilities

The possibility that Google is working on an Android-powered game console has been speculated since at least last summer. While the company still has yet to announce any such device, a recent acquisition would seem to indicate that it’s getting closer. A post on PandoDaily reports that Google has purchased … [Read more...]

Amazon Considering Playback Limits for Rumored Music Service

Rumors that Amazon is working to bring its Prime customers a new music streaming service continue to swirl. A new report from the Wall Street Journal today says that Amazon may put in playback limits on songs, prompting listeners to buy the tracks once the limit has been reached. If this plan turns out to … [Read more...]

Popcorn Time Makes Movie Piracy as Easy as Netflix

Not too long ago, you had to be a techno-wizard to engage in piracy. The act usually involved paying for access to Usenet's servers, participating in complicated Newsgroups, and figuring out how to download the goods - all with usually painfully slow download feeds. All that began to change as time marched on … [Read more...]

The Flappy Bird Rises: App Creator Says Game May Return

We extensively covered the prolific story of Flappy Bird, including its rise and fall from glory (and app stores). But now, it appears the little app that could might be making a return to digital shelves, according to its creator, Dong Nguyen. According to an exclusive interview Nyugen gave with Rolling … [Read more...]

Neil Young Hopes to Raise $800k from Kickstarter to Turn PonoPlayer Into A Reality

Yesterday we told you about the PonoPlayer, a high-resolution (FLAC) audio music player dreamt up by Neil Young that was announced at SXSW. Today, the PonoPlayer Kickstarter campaign is live and is looking to raise at least $800,000 in the next 34 days in order to fund the production of the music … [Read more...]

Goodreads Coming to First-Generation Kindle Paperwhite

I reviewed the 2013 edition of the Kindle Paperwhite a few months back, and one of the best things about the device was its Goodreads integration. Unfortunately, that feature was brand new to the second-generation Paperwhite; those who purchased the device in 2012 didn't get it. According to GigaOM, though, … [Read more...]

iOS 8 To Feature Apple Maps Fix, Health Monitoring

A new report on 9to5Mac claims to have information on what Apple will bring to the table when iOS 8 launches for iPhones and iPads—whenever that might actually happen. The report cites unnamed “sources briefed on [Apple’s] plans” and says that iOS 8 will offer users a new and improved Apple Maps app, not to … [Read more...]

Leaked Australian Ad Explains HTC All New One’s Duo Camera

There have been more than a few leaks for HTC’s next smartphone, which will supposedly be revealed later this month. Today, we’ve got another. This time the news comes courtesy of GSMArena, which got its hands on a leaked advertisement from Australian phone carrier Telstra. While getting a look at the phone … [Read more...]

Pebble Knows That Apps Matter Most, Will Host Hackathon to Bolster App Ecosystem

Pebble today announced an online hackathon that will reward the first place developer(s) with $5,000 and a Pebble Steel for each of the top 16 finalists. The hackathon will run until March 23, and will operate like a tournament where registered Pebble owners can vote to determine the winning app.  Pebble has … [Read more...]

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