SXSW 2014 Accelerator: Social Apps

We're at the SXSW 2014 Accelerator where companies focused on various different aspects of technology including, social, enterprise/big data, wearable, entertainment, content, and health will pitch their heart's out in front of a panel of judges with the hope of coming out on top. The first set of … [Read more...]

How To: Have A Successful and Productive SXSW

This is my first SXSW, but just one day into the event I can see why it becomes more massive each and every year.  SXSW isn't like your traditional conference in a single venue with a big ballroom, a bunch a chairs, and a speaker/panel.  Not at all.  First of all, the span of SXSW is massive, it spans across … [Read more...]

Blocks Wants to Make a Modular Smartwatch

Fads in tech come in waves, and some of those waves seem to overlap. Wearables is just now starting to gather steam this year with the impending release of Samsung’s next batch of Gear smartwatches, with rumors of Google and Apple’s own entrants into the smartwatch set to be unveiled any day now. But the new … [Read more...]

Windows 8.1 Update Leaked

Microsoft’s upcoming update to its Windows 8.1 operating system was leaked yesterday, giving users who took the time to download it a glimpse into what the OS will be like after the update is expected to officially release sometime next month. A post on the Verge has the full scoop about the ways the update … [Read more...]

Man Depicted in Newsweek Article Denies Creating Bitcoin

The target of a piece about the creator of bitcoin published in Newsweek yesterday has denied, well, being the creator of bitcoin. This most recent turn of events is not surprising considering that fact that the man who created bitcoin, who goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto, has worked hard to stay as … [Read more...]

Internet Shames Newsweek After Possibly Outing Bitcoin Creator

An article published by Newsweek today is making headlines of its own, as it claims to have identified the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. According to the article, he’s a Japanese American man living in Southern California, and he’s not too happy about the publication’s efforts to find him. … [Read more...]

We’ll Be At SXSW 2014 Bringing You the Latest Coverage

In just a few short hours we will be on our way to Austin, Texas for SXSW with the goal to bring you some awesome coverage of Interactive part of the festival.  We'll be at SXSW from March 7-11 and already have a bunch of exciting meetings and events lined up (including real life Mario Kart). One question … [Read more...]

Judge Rules Against Apple’s Request to Ban Samsung Devices

A post on CNET reports the latest development in the ongoing courtroom war between Apple and Samsung. Judge Lucy Koh has denied Apple’s request to ban the sale 23 Samsung-made devices that infringe on its patents, saying that the company “has not established that it is entitled to the permanent injunction it … [Read more...]

Microsoft CEO Nadella Wasn’t On Board with Nokia Buy

This morning we learned that Microsoft is moving forward with plans to make Android and Windows Phone platforms friendlier, with a deal to have Karbonn Mobiles, an Indian smartphone maker, create dual-boot handsets that feature both operating systems. It seems that this move, along with the release of the … [Read more...]

Report: LG Making Nexus 6, Google Smartwatch

Even though the Mobile World Congress has been over and done for about a week, news seems to still be trickling out. Yesterday, Germany’s Gizmodo reported that it had learned about Google’s plans for its Nexus 6 smartphone, which was only tacitly confirmed last week by Android boss Sundar Pichai. According to … [Read more...]

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