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If you’ve been putting off your home improvement projects all summer, you’re in luck – moderate temperatures and beautiful foliage make fall the perfect time to tackle those lingering tasks before winter. Smart home upgrades can help you make the most of your time spent indoors and keep you and your family safe for the holiday season. Check out these four smart home upgrades to invest in before the last leaves hit the ground.

1. Smart Lighting

With the long days of summer behind us, fall is the best time to install smart lighting, indoors and out. You can install smart lights without much effort and program them over Wi-Fi using your smartphone, making this project an easy DIY upgrade. Smart lightbulbs also save energy over traditional bulbs by turning on only when they’re needed.

Smart outdoor light fixtures can extend your time outdoors during cool fall evenings and late cookouts. They also make your property safer by illuminating the darkest areas around your home. Outdoor lights with motion detectors can deter thieves and alert you to movement outside your house after dark. You can even use smart lighting to replicate your daily routine when you’re away on vacation to make it seem like your home is occupied.

2. Smart Thermostats

When it’s cold in the morning and warm by afternoon, regulating your home’s temperature can be more than difficult. A smart thermostat takes the heavy lifting out of heating and cooling your home during unpredictable fall weather by reacting automatically to the ambient temperature of your home and the day’s weather forecast.

Smart thermostats are a good investment since they can save you up to 15% on heating and cooling. You can install sensors in each room of your home to regulate the temperature and program routines to keep the heat down when you’re away at work. The best smart thermostats also sync up with your other home automation technology, giving you handy features like voice-activated controls.

3. Smart Home Security Systems

If you’re shopping for a big family this holiday season, a home security system can help protect your home and the endless stream of deliveries on your front porch. Smart security systems integrate the protection of a monitored security system with the convenience and features of the latest smart security technology. The best home security companies are tech savvy and offer packages of smart home tech alongside a traditional security panel.

A doorbell camera is a great home security upgrade for protecting packages after Cyber Monday. You can install these devices as standalone hardware or integrated with a monitoring service. Smart doorbells let you see your front porch from the convenience of your smartphone at any time. You can even use their two-way audio systems for thanking delivery drivers or scaring off would-be thieves.

4. Smart TVs

When the temperature starts to drop, you’ll want to spend a lot more time cozying up to a good Netflix marathon. Fall is the perfect time to make an investment in your home entertainment system since it’ll be put through its paces all winter long. Smart TVs are all-in-one home entertainment options that combine the best of streaming services, cable options, and local channels.

The newest crop of Smart TVs integrate seamlessly with the rest of your smart home. They’re compatible with voice-activated AIs like Alexa, and some of them (like those from Samsung) can serve as a hub for your other smart devices, like your thermostat and lights.

With these home upgrades, your fall may shape up to be your most productive season. Getting these projects done now will let you relax and enjoy your holidays in comfort, security, and total relaxation.

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