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Ten thousand phrases is a lot to memorize. If most people were asked to remember that many specific sentences, they would probably give up before they even started. But Amazon Alexa users are more resilient.

There are now officially more than 10,000 Amazon Alexa skills in its library. Despite this overwhelmingly large number of skills, most users still try to use Alexa from memory without any guide on hand. That makes it easy to get tripped up or have Alexa respond “I’m not sure how to help you with that.”

Our suggestion? Print out some of the best Alexa commands and keep the list handy next to your Alexa device. You can reference it when you forget the exact phrasing of a certain command, or if you are just wanting to try some new skills. The Smart Home Solver team put together an infographic that is sized as a printable. It has 100 little-known Alexa skills that is a helpful reference for Alexa fans.

This is especially great for newer users. If you’re giving your parents an Amazon Echo, throw in a list of phrases to say as well.

This is obviously just a small list. What other ideas would you add? What are some of your favorite Alexa skills? Let us know in the comments below.

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