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Compared to other generations, Millennials are worse off in a lot of ways. We have (and will probably continue to) witnessed turbulent economic conditions. We have inherited an Earth scarred by pollution and environmentally unstable activities. This might be the reason why Millennials strive to save the environment.

Back in 2015, Nielsen conducted a global study to gauge the attitude of people regarding the need for sustainability. The study concluded that people were now more inclined towards environmentally friendly products than ever before. People didn’t mind paying the few extra bucks on companies they felt were bring a positive environmental change. In fact, such responses increased from 55% to 72% in one year.

Now that we know the general mindset of people let’s talk about you. Do you think you are doing enough to ensure the sustainability of the Earth? Is turning the tap off when you are brushing your teeth enough? Is investing in brands that claim to be “socially responsible” enough?

If you wish to play a greater role, then you might want to adopt green gadgets along with using environmentally friendly products.

What are the green gadgets?

One thing that you can boast about in today’s age is the fact that you got to witness the technological revolution. In the past decade, technology has transformed our lives and made it much easier than before. It has become the heart and soul of our lifestyles.

This is why it is important to ensure that the technology we rely on is also environmentally friendly. Because, while you might not realize it, the equipment you use does have an impact on Earth.

 This is where green gadgets come in. Any equipment or device that can be used sustainably is dubbed to be a green gadget. These devices make use of technology to reduce their energy consumption or create awareness regarding the possible switch to renewable energy.

Top Green Gadgets

Here are some green gadgets that you can introduce into your life. You are bound to feel more conscious and responsible towards your environment after using them.

1. Solar Panels

You can’t talk about going green and not include solar panels into the list. The masses rely on non-renewable sources to create electricity. The problem with this solution is that the world is running out on these resources. At such times, going solar allows you to be sustainable. For those of you looking to go into the solar business, know that it is very profitable to do so. More and more people are switching to this technology. As a business, to further go green, you must ensure the optimization of your work. Solar operations and maintenance solutions like might come in handy for such purposes.

2.    Water-Powered Alarm Clock

The travel enthusiasts can make their journey environmentally friendly by taking along products like the water-powered alarm clock. Rather than using batteries, which requires a lot of resources to be made, this product uses salted water for energy. The product is equipped with electrodes that work with the salted water to create energy. This energy is then used to power the alarm clock and the display that comes with it. The best part about this green gadget is that it is not too burdensome on the pocket.

3.    Kitchen + Home Bamboo Towels

When you are using some of the kitchen gadgets, you don’t even realize that they might not be environmentally sustainable. Think about it. We use paper towels all the time, without realizing how much waste we create by using them. Not to mention the manufacturing process of paper towels are not aligned with sustainability. Bamboo Reusable Towels, on the other hand, allow you to be much more environmentally conscious. The fact that you can reuse them at least 120 times before discarding them means that less wastage is produced. They are also made from organic material, and hence breakdown easily.

4.    Biodegradable Laptops

ASUS is launching a Bamboo U6V-B1 Laptop which is being talked about because of the inclusion of biodegradable items. Sometimes we don’t even realize that the gadgets that we use take forever to decompose. They also realize harmful gases in the environment. This laptop has strived to address these issues. Since it uses innards that are energy-efficient, the emission of CO2 is also decreased. Not to mention that apart from its environmentally friendly design, it is a great laptop with a powerful processor!

Apple is another tech company that takes its monitoring and reducing its carbon footprint very seriously. Their laptops consistently rank amongst the most eco-friendly and the company recently announced that all of their facilities are now running on 100% renewable energy. 

5.    ReFleece iPad Cases

Do you feel uncomfortable with letting go of your laptops which may not be environmentally friendly? That’s okay. You can still adopt other green gadgets. For instance, let’s talk about the case with which you cover your laptop or tablet. You can go green by choosing the right brand for it! ReFleece makes cases with the help of recycled bottles and textiles. The use of these materials gives the product the strength it needs to provide protection. At the same time, since it uses recycled products, you end up being more conscious about the environment.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the many examples out there. The world is full of green gadgets, waiting to be adopted by you. To make sure you invest in environmentally friendly technology, make a point of looking at the EPEAT and Energy star rating of the product. Any manufacturer who follows the guidelines of Energy Star and EPEAT will have a high rating and hence would be sustainable.

Moreover, you can also use your current gadgets more greenly as well. For instance, do you leave your phone charging for long hours? That can be a waste of energy. Rather than using alkaline batteries that need to be thrown away after one use, introduce lithium ion rechargeable batteries in your life.

These small acts will pave the way for a greener future. Play your part.

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