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The evolution of blockchain has resulted in the introduction of many cryptocurrencies, which you can invest in. Before you choose to invest when it comes to cryptocurrency, it might be prudent to comprehend their features as well as the potential they have in the currency industry. Therefore, make sure you know the trend of every cryptocurrency because you never know what will be the next bitcoin in future.

Must know cryptocurrencies in 2018

1. Zcash

Zcash has managed to gain popularity in the currency market within a short period. It is simple to invest when it comes to Zcash. Once you transact using this cryptocurrency, you will get the report of dealings, which you conducted. It uses the open-source technique, which means that it may be difficult for the users to access private information.

This makes the currency safe to use. It also supports the shielded and transparent addresses so that the users may decide whether they want to make a private transaction or not. Therefore, it may be thought to think of investing in this cryptocurrency at the end of the day.

2. Dash

The Digital Dash should be one of the investment opportunities, which you ought to put into much consideration. Its capitalization in the market has hit up to around $2 billion in a short while. The currency has gained its popularity because the transaction speed is high and the privacy is guaranteed. It also assists when it comes to self-funding and self-governing model.

This means that the network has the capability of financing itself to ensure its technology is improved. This currency comes with numerous features that makes it capable of carrying out private transactions. If you invested $10 earlier this year, it means by the end of the year you will have around $1500; this makes it as one of the perfect investment you may consider.

3. Cardano

This cryptocurrency is the distributed computing forum that uses the ADA coin technology. It is one of the open-source projects, which you may consider investing in. The currency comes with many features that make it perfect in the currency market. This currency is not only reliable but also resistant to the computing attacks. Its academic capabilities make it better than other cryptocurrencies. It has allied with some academic platforms to help it when it comes to analysis and research. Cardano has big plans, including the introduction of debit cards and ATM’s accessibility.

4. Monero

This cryptocurrency has the capability of determining where exactly the deal came from and where the currency will go. It is regarded as the untraceable, private, and secure currency, which you may use. Thanks to ring signature technology, you can know the owners of different transactions in case something gets out of hand. The Darknet users employ this cryptocurrency to buy contraband items. This has made the currency to improve its value in the markets out there. You can depend on the currency because it is not only popular but also stable.


This is a unique cryptocurrency, which does not concentrate on enhancing the transactions between two individuals. It is purposely made to mandate machines to conduct the trading process anonymously through its tokens. The blockchain mandates telecommunication devices, vehicles, and smart appliances to work effectively when it comes to the autonomous economy. When you employ this blockchain network in a home, which uses the solar panels, you can be able to communicate autonomously with different retailers as well as note down their rates. The currency has the capability of resolving transaction, which has gone wrong. You will not find it necessary to depend on the operators when it comes to validation of transactions.

6. Ripple

This type of cryptocurrency works hand in hand with the big businesses out there. The solutions are helpful to other currency institutions in the world. The transactions carried out using ripple are handled in batches before they become included in the blockchain list. This allows the currency to handle transactions in a few seconds. Since it is working with reputable monetary institutions, this currency is trying its best to obey the regulatory rules.

7. Litecoin

Litecoin provides more benefits than other cryptocurrencies out there. It uses the Scrypt algorithm, which is not complex. You will not need complex hardware when it comes to mining of this cryptocurrency.

This is what makes this blockchain grow in the marketplace. Before you invest in this currency, it may be best to consider the following:

  • Know the aspects that might influence the selling decision of Litecoin.
  • Be optimistic when it comes to the making of profits.
  • Follow the news regarding this kind of cryptocurrency.
  • Have plans that will guide you in selling the currency once it hits a good price.

8. Neo

The improvement in the stake tech brands Neo as a perfect cryptocurrency to capitalize on. You can consider buying Neo in exchange of currencies, but the easiest way is to contemplate on the centralized exchanges, which works with different cryptocurrencies. Through the exchange, you will need a marginal fee to make the transaction complete. Purchasing Neo currency may not be challenging as long as you know where to get them.

Investing in the above cryptocurrencies can be a good idea because they all have a good reputation. If you have never invested in any type of cryptocurrency before, it’s a good idea to research thoroughly about any cryptocurrency that you intend to capitalize on. Consider talking to a few individuals, who are considered professionals/experts when it comes to these currencies to get insights about the risks and the strategy behind their success.

And of course, it’s a smart idea to diversify your investment in crypto–just like it’s a good idea to diversify your investment in the stock market–because not every cryptocurrency will succeed. Perhaps most importantly of all, only invest money in crypto that you can afford to lose.

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