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Some people collect antiques, some tin soldiers, some dolls, some stickers and some stamps, but what do millennials collect, the generation that knows “what’s up”? In an age where everything is online or on our phones, millennials are obsessed with all things digital. From cryptokitties and Fortnite skins to Instagram followers, everything that millennials collect lives in the digital world. So it only makes sense that the next big trend for millennials follows this pattern with virtual sneakers. Yes, that’s right, virtual, digital and uniquely designed sneaker models.

Nike already realized the popularity of personalized sneaker designs, when the brand came out with their option to personally design your own future sneaker with its unique NIKEiD campaign.

Now, the next step is taken by Portion, the digital auction house in the crypto space offering art and collectibles to be bought by young bidders via the blockchain with the special Porti token that is offered to customers. Portion is introducing its digital sneaker collectibles to the world. These virtual sneakers are live moving images, which change their looks every second by playing with different shapes, designs and color schemes like this:

Many artists already signed up to join the project and want to help design individual sneakers for every person interested in acquiring a unique shoe. Once artists have designed their desired shoe, they will be able share it with interested buyers and trade and collect it on the Portion platform.

Just recently, Portion started its collaboration with snkr INC., a leading media brand representing sneaker culture to offer these digital sneakers as collectibles on the blockchain. With the help of snkr INC., prolific sneaker artists StomperHaus, Robb Harskamp have already been curated for this exciting step forwards in sneaker culture.

With $5.5 million already raised by VC fund partnerships, Portion has the means to empower creators, collectors and bidders to exchange high value goods. Blockchain technology enables the Portion platform to be decentralized, transparent, scalable and uniquely positions it to address these issues through innovative processes and operations.

Having come really far up until this point Portion will continue to grow as an auctioning platform, but in any case, the platform still needs to officially launch in October before we can start collecting and trading digitally. So, we will yet have to experience how smoothly the sneaker trading processes and the cryptocurrency transactions will run.

Additionally, it is still to be determined, if we can actually print the collected sneaker design on an actual sneaker the way NikeiD offered it in the past. And not to forget, we still have to wait and see how many artists will confirm their participation to design new models for the art and collectible auction house in the future. That is still to be determined. Until then we just enjoy the virtual experience and wonder how collectors have moved from physical to digital objects in the 21st century.

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