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Microsoft’s ‘Countdown to 2015’ Sale Offers Nice Discounts on Digital Xbox One, Xbox 360 Games

Are you big on buying digital games for your Xbox One or Xbox 360? Microsoft's latest holiday sale, called the "Countdown to 2015," may interest you. The sale runs today through January 1, 2015, and will feature a different set of deals every day as well as a pack of weekly deals. Today's deals include discounts … [Read more...]

Lizard Squad Takes Credit for Bringing Sony PSN Down Again

If last night you tried to connect to Sony’s PlayStation Network – the service that gets gamers into online gaming sessions, and more – you might’ve been stuck in neutral. Apparently the PSN went down last night, and the blackhat hacker group calling themselves Lizard Squad has taken credit. Last night, Sony’s Ask … [Read more...]

I Traded In My Games and Consoles at GameStop and Got A Huge Surprise

Let it be known: I'm not a gamer. In fact, I very rarely play video games, so when I decided to move to Brooklyn, I thought it would be a good time to sell all my video games and consoles. There is a GameStop literally two minutes from my current apartment so I packed up my Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii along with the 10 total … [Read more...]

Amazon, Best Buy Offering $25 Xbox Gift Cards for $20

Looking to build up your digital game collection on your Xbox 360 or your Xbox One? Or is there some downloadable content you'd like to pick up? You won't find a more cost-effective time to do so than right now -- both Amazon and Best Buy are offering $25 Xbox Gift Cards for $20 -- a 20 percent savings. I've dug a bit … [Read more...]

Microsoft Announces $399 Kinect-Less Xbox One, Entertainment Apps Now Free to Use Without Xbox Live Gold

After months of rumors and speculation, Microsoft has announced the arrival of a new Xbox One: one that’s wholeheartedly cheaper overall, and without the Kinect camera in the box. This new option for gamers arrives on June 9th for $399. This is the same console that you can buy on store shelves right now, which includes … [Read more...]

Microsoft Bringing 360 Games to Xbox One; Retail Price Cuts Continue

The current console war between Microsoft and Sony is barely half a year old, but conventional wisdom says that the PlayStation 4 is winning over the Xbox One pretty handily so far. But Microsoft seems determined to close the gap. During the company’s annual Build conference a few days ago, Microsoft’s Frank Savage publicly … [Read more...]

Face the Future: Apple Patents to Facial Recognition Phone Unlocking

Enjoying the ability to unlock your iPhone with your fingerprint? If Apple’s latest patent is anything to go by, you may be able to unlock your device even if you don’t have any fingers—all you’ll need to do is smile for the camera. A post on CNET today points the way to a recent Apple patent filing for “Personal … [Read more...]

Mapple: Apple Might’ve Bought PrimeSense for 3D Mapping

Rumors swirled last week that Apple was going to be buying Israeli company PrimeSense, which provided the crucial 3D-sensing tech used for the original Xbox 360 Kinect. Then on Sunday, Apple confirmed the purchase, though its reasoning for the acquisition remained a mystery. We’ve speculated here on Best Techie that … [Read more...]

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