Finally, the Standalone Xbox One Kinect: $149.99, Launches October 7

For several months, it seemed like Microsoft was phasing Kinect out entirely. It all started with the introduction of the $399 Xbox One back in June. Microsoft went ahead and began selling a Kinect-less console, even though there was no way to buy a Kinect sensor outside of the $499 bundle. Consumers wanted choice, … [Read more...]

Xbox One Sales Double, PS4 Still on Top

Back in mid-May, Microsoft announced that it would offer Xbox One consoles without the Kinect peripheral, dropping the system’s price by a hundred bucks to parity with that of the PlayStation 4 from Sony. The cut went into effect on June 9, and apparently the experiment has been a great success: Microsoft announced this … [Read more...]

GameStop Now Accepting Xbox One Kinect Trade-Ins, Will Pay $40

Microsoft has yet to begin selling the Xbox One Kinect on its own, but it appears GameStop might soon. The video game retailer is now accepting Kinect trade-ins from customers and is offering to pay either $40 of in-store credit, or $32 cash. According to Polygon, the Xbox One Kinect currently sells for between $60 and … [Read more...]

Microsoft Announces $399 Kinect-Less Xbox One, Entertainment Apps Now Free to Use Without Xbox Live Gold

After months of rumors and speculation, Microsoft has announced the arrival of a new Xbox One: one that’s wholeheartedly cheaper overall, and without the Kinect camera in the box. This new option for gamers arrives on June 9th for $399. This is the same console that you can buy on store shelves right now, which includes … [Read more...]

Will Microsoft Take Kinect Out of Xbox One Package? Analyst Says ‘Yes’

One of the biggest points of contention since the launch of the Xbox One last year was the inclusion of the Kinect, the motion-sensing, voice-command-hearing gaming peripheral that some say jacked the price of the console a hundred dollars higher than that of its next-gen rival, Sony’s PlayStation 4. Microsoft has said for … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Kinect Guru Alex Kipman Working on Wearable Windows

A post on the Verge today reports that Alex Kipman—who’s known as one of Microsoft’s “fathers of Kinect”—is working on the company’s wearable computing efforts. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors about Microsoft looking to get into the wearable computers game, as a Surface Smartwatch was being discussed as a … [Read more...]

Face the Future: Apple Patents to Facial Recognition Phone Unlocking

Enjoying the ability to unlock your iPhone with your fingerprint? If Apple’s latest patent is anything to go by, you may be able to unlock your device even if you don’t have any fingers—all you’ll need to do is smile for the camera. A post on CNET today points the way to a recent Apple patent filing for “Personal … [Read more...]

Mapple: Apple Might’ve Bought PrimeSense for 3D Mapping

Rumors swirled last week that Apple was going to be buying Israeli company PrimeSense, which provided the crucial 3D-sensing tech used for the original Xbox 360 Kinect. Then on Sunday, Apple confirmed the purchase, though its reasoning for the acquisition remained a mystery. We’ve speculated here on Best Techie that … [Read more...]

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