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Microsoft has yet to begin selling the Xbox One Kinect on its own, but it appears GameStop might soon. The video game retailer is now accepting Kinect trade-ins from customers and is offering to pay either $40 of in-store credit, or $32 cash.

gamestopAccording to Polygon, the Xbox One Kinect currently sells for between $60 and $70 on eBay. That could be around what GameStop winds up asking for the device; then again, no one knows the price Microsoft will charge for a standalone Kinect. GameStop could wait for Microsoft to set new Kinect pricing before placing a value on the used model (if it wanted to get top dollar, at least).

The Kinect-less Xbox One model has been selling since June 9, and it’s hard to imagine that Microsoft wants to leave money on the table by not selling standalone Kinect devices. My guess? We’ll see them in the next month or so. So if GameStop starts selling used Kinect sensors in its stores and online, it probably won’t be alone in the market for long.

It’ll be interesting to see how a standalone Kinect sells outside of Microsoft’s original $499 bundle. Sony’s PlayStation Camera has been sold separately since the PlayStation 4’s launch, and the Camera (which ties into the PS4 much less than the Kinect ties into the Xbox One) has been a popular item; in fact, it’s been out of stock several times. Instead of forcing the Kinect onto customers, Microsoft is now taking the Sony approach by taking the once-mandatory camera out of the package. We’ll see if the Kinect suddenly becomes as great a seller as Sony’s Camera accessory.

Speaking of the Sony Camera, Polygon also reports that GameStop will be taking trade-ins on that, too, though it won’t fetch quite as much as the Kinect. GameStop will pay gamers $27 in store credit or $21.60 in cash.

Do you plan on trading your Xbox One Kinect in for some cash or GameStop store credit? Drop us a line below.

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