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Looking to build up your digital game collection on your Xbox 360 or your Xbox One? Or is there some downloadable content you’d like to pick up? You won’t find a more cost-effective time to do so than right now — both Amazon and Best Buy are offering $25 Xbox Gift Cards for $20 — a 20 percent savings.

xbox-oneI’ve dug a bit into it, and it appears that only the $25 cards are being discounted. Most retail games are $60, and indie or digital-only titles typically run between $15 and $20. So it’s almost certain that you’re getting a discount on the oddball $25 card with hopes that you’ll have to spend more money to make it worth your while. Still, saving 20 percent on Xbox Store credit is a great deal, beating what you’d typically find on other sites.

Picking up $75 worth of Xbox Store credit today, from either site, would only cost you $60. If I were you, I’d put $60 into Watch Dogs and the remaining $15 into either Super Time Force or Child of Light. But that’s just me.

Sales like these only come along once in a while, but I’ve actually written previously about building a digital Xbox game collection on a budget. I suggest you check it out. Combine this one-time sale with some of the tricks outlined in that post, and you could get around that whole “digital games are way more expensive than discs” thing.

And by all means, folks — if you happen to come across a sale on Xbox Store credit or any other type of deal for gaming, please let us know! Send a link over to and we’ll absolutely credit you on the site.

Now, what will you be picking up with your Xbox credit?

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