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If last night you tried to connect to Sony’s PlayStation Network – the service that gets gamers into online gaming sessions, and more – you might’ve been stuck in neutral. Apparently the PSN went down last night, and the blackhat hacker group calling themselves Lizard Squad has taken credit.

Last night, Sony’s Ask PlayStation Twitter account told its followers that it was aware of the problem with PSN connectivity:

And shortly before that happened, the Lizard Squad Tweeted its responsibility for the downed network:

While the network is back online as of this writing, this wasn’t the first time that Lizard Squad took credit for bringing down Sony’s servers. They pulled the same thing back in August, and a post on TheNextWeb reports that Lizard Squad claimed credit for bringing down the Xbox Live servers for Xbox 360 consoles just a few days ago.

There are questions as to whether or not the Lizard Squad – whoever they might be – actually can take credit for bringing down the servers. Better questions would also revolve around why they would bother. It’s not like there are any shortage of targets out there that would incur the wrath of angry hackers a good deal more than Sony and Microsoft’s video game servers. But, hey, I’m not going to pretend to understand why they do what they do.

With Christmas right around the corner, and lots of new consoles that are going to be unwrapped, don’t be surprised to see more server attacks later this month. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

[Source: TheNextWeb]

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