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News Corp’s iPad-Only Newspaper The Daily Is Shutting Down

This morning News Corp announced that The Daily, its iPad-only newspaper, would be shutting down. The news of the shutdown comes a little before its upcoming two year anniversary. The Daily’s first publication was on February 2, 2011 and it appears to never attracted the mass readership of some of News Corp’s other newspapers.

Despite its lack of success, The Daily will continue as a brand in “other channels,” according to the News Corp press release, including The New York Post, which will adopt its technology section and other components, as well as take on some of its staff.

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PressReader Review: Read (Almost) Any Newspaper on Your iPad or iPhone

Do you want access to newspapers and other publications from all over the world on your iPad or iPhone? PressReader is an app that allows you to have just that; the app has access to over 2,200 publications (newspapers and magazines) from 97 different countries in 54 different languages.

PressReader includes access to several big name publications such as USA Today, The New York Post, LA Times, The Washington Post, and the Seattle Times. In fact, I saw pretty much every publication I could ever care about in the app, except for two, those two being the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Despite the lack of my two favorite newspaper publications, I still think the app is very nice.

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The Future Of News

In my last article, I talked about what the newspaper industry is doing to stay afloat. Their biggest worry now is monetizing their content, which is understandably hard on a medium designed specifically to facilitate the easy transfer of information. Currently, their strategy revolves around pay-walls, but pay-walls heavily favor primary sources over smaller news providers, not to mention slow the flow of information and irritate the average user to no end.

The most obvious alternative to pay-walls would be micro-payments, but that system is currently underdeveloped. (I think the fact that newspaper companies can’t get on board with a system developed years ago for other media, showcases just how infrastructurally encumbered they are.) The problem is micro-payments still require the user to sign up and log in. The log-in part could be easily circumvented by associating accounts with IP addresses. The advantage to this is networks like those on college campuses can easily get general access to newspaper articles, and of course only have to pay according to what their students actually read. In addition to this, they could have networks of newspapers, where you can sign up all at once for several news sources, cutting out a lot of the hassle. I could easily see News Corp. enabling general purpose accounts for all of its newspapers.

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Will Newspapers Be Able To Survive The Economic Downturn?

One of the common topics these days, especially across political blogs, is whether or not the newspaper industry will survive its current troubles (and whether or not it deserves to). I think everyone has heard a thousand times since last year how much the news industry is struggling, how no-one reads anymore, and how the internet is making everyone ADD. But what’s actually going on inside the industry?

Truth be told, things are fairly bad on average, but the spread of the troubles is very stilted. Even with how much papers like the New York Times are fretting, they still stand a good chance to weather the recession well. The trouble is with smaller news papers, as illustrated by this helpful graphic from the New York Times in early March (the article was free to access by the way, irony?).

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