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Review: Sparrow Email Client

When I first opened my MacBook Pro back in March, one of the first things that I asked was “What email client are all the cool kids using?”  At the time, a new email client named Sparrow had been getting quite a bit of attention because of its new layout that mimicked that which we see in many social networking applications such as Twitter for Mac.  While I considered using Sparrow, I ultimately ended up using OS X’s built-in Apple Mail application and after a month and a half of use I hadn’t a single complaint.

After all, I typically tend to make use of classic and elegant designs; something that I found in Apple Mail.  Simply put, the layout of Sparrow didn’t seem to offer anything to me that Apple Mail didn’t.  More recently though my curiosity got the best of me and on Saturday night I decided to purchase Sparrow and give it a go.

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