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Email is the most common form of communication on the web and since that is the case there are many email clients and services out there, but the question is which email do you use? Which one is best for you? The top three clients are probably, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Mac OSX Mail. They each provide spam filtering, RSS feed capabilities, contact list, and support multiple email accounts. However, they each do it differently.

In my opinion, Mail handles multiple email accounts and filtering spam better than Outlook does overall. I used to use Thunderbird, however, I soon regretted it when I couldn’t export my email when I wanted to switch back to Outlook – that shouldn’t be the case. You can export your email from Outlook to move it to Thunderbird with ease, why can’t you do the same with Thunderbird to Outlook?

Not only do you have Email clients, but you also have online web based email such as, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Live Mail (Hotmail).

My question is to you, which email client(s) do you like best and do you prefer a software based or web based client? Leave a comment!

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