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Use a “Mobile” Email Account to Increase Productivity and Security

For many of us – regardless of what industry we are in – email is a major component of our day-to-day lives.  In fact, many people see email as something important enough to take with them on the go via means of their smartphones.  The ability to keep in touch with family, colleagues regardless of location definitely has its benefits.  However, as beneficial as it can be to have access to one’s email whilst on the go, the concept of having all of our most sensitive and personal information on a handheld computer is definitely a scary one.  That mobile device of yours is a prime target for thieves, and is just waiting to be stolen.  But in many cases the sensitivity of the information on a mobile computer far surpasses the value of the device itself.  By eliminating the amount of personal information that is stored and accessible on your device, you can increase your sense of security dramatically.

Creating an entirely separate email account for your mobile device is simple enough.  Some carriers offer an email service with a data/smartphone plan, but creating a third-party email account is far from a challenge.  Services like Gmail (and Google Apps) are great in the sense that they provide IMAP and POP support, ensuring that your email account will be compatible with any device you have – be it in the present or future.

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