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How would you feel if you’ve just sent a sensitive email to a wrong person? There’s nothing more terrible than that is there? Well, we can’t certainly explain this thing to our bosses. It is bad enough that you can’t delete an email that you’ve sent. Won’t it be great if you can just control what you’ve sent? So, is there any solution to making your emails more secure? Let’s find out!

EPRIVO Private Email Service might help you out here. EPRIVO private email service provides the best security that you can get to an email. Not to worry about the security of your information from EPRIVO, they are not the industry leaders for no reason. Let’s find out what EPRIVO is and what it offers.

What is EPRIVO?

As already mentioned above, EPRIVO offers you private and secure email service. They’re just like regular emails, but with a pinch of security and control updates. EPRIVO has been the global leader in the industry for the past few years. There are a lot of reasons for this, which we will dig into later on in the article.

You would probably wonder, ‘Why do I even need a private email account? Won’t it be enough if I’m responsible?’ of course that’s not all that EPRIVO does. Well, who wouldn’t like complete control over the emails they send? EPRIVO also offers some excellent services like encryption, which gives you the best hope for safety.

What do they do?

EPRIVO private email service does many things. Want your mails to be sender controlled? Done. Are you looking for an excellent encryption service? They’re doing it. It basically is like a safe buddy for your email address. There are a lot of other companies who offer services similar to that of EPRIVO. You will know what makes EPRIVO batter than most of them.

Features of EPRIVO

EPRIVO offers a lot of exciting features. Let’s explore these features one by one.

Securing existing Email ID: This is one of the unique features that is offered only by EPRIVO. When using a lot of other providers, you need to create a new email address to access the security features, but with EPRIVO, you can secure your old work account, personal or any kind of account for that manner. If you’re not comfortable with using an existing email, you can always go for a new one.

Encrypt the older messages: One of the other best features offered by EPRIVO private email service. You might think that what is the use of being able to secure an existing mail account. Well, for starters, you don’t need to go through the process of creating a new account and the other important reason is to secure the messages that you’ve already sent. Using EPRIVO, you can do them both. If you have any messages that you need to delete or encrypt safely, you can choose EPRIVO.

Erase the messages completely: Some of the messaging services like WhatsApp allow you to delete the messages after sending them. For emails, you can undo an email if you’re fast enough to capture it. Wouldn’t it be great if you can erase its existence? Yeah, it’s big brain time. Using EPRIVO, you can erase a message entirely from reality. Like the message never existed. This is possible because EPRIVO doesn’t just delete the email from both the accounts of sender and receiver but also directly from the cloud.

Set the expiry time: Just like the old cowboy movies where you just say the word to expire someone, with EPRIVO, you can just set the time to make the email expire after some time. Pretty cool right? So, you can actually choose when the message expires. Five minutes or ten, it’s up to you. The dope thing is that you can make the email expire right after the recover sees it moreover, as explained in the above para of message deletion, your email when setting for expiry completely erases itself from all of the cloud itself.

Recall an Email with a snap: This is an exciting feature indeed. If you do not want the message to be erased completely from existence, you can simply call it back. This option makes your message inaccessible for the receiver just like he never received the message in the first place.

Private email for all: Despite having a lot of features, it is surprising that EPRIVO is very easy to use. It is no wonder that EPRIVO is popular worldwide with its ease of access and multi-language support. EPRIVO is available in various languages other than English, which makes it easy to use for other countries.

Free Private Email: If you meet certain conditions, EPRIVO offers you free services. You can check the conditions on the webpage itself. You will also get a free account if you’re a US veteran. Well, they’re doing their part for the country.

Bring in the whole family: You know what’s fun? Everything that you do with your family. EPRIVO made it super easy for families to get a Private Email account. Just one member from a family goes in, and the others can come along later.

Okay, so there is This one more super slick feature left. This feature promises the utmost safety of your email. It’s basically a mixture of two features. Physical security and Digital security and apparently EPRIVO trust neither one completely.

Private Emails to Non-EPRIVO Users: The latest update has also included two new exclusive features which enables you to send an email to Non-EPRIVO users. Not only this, you can also read that email on a web-based viewer and password on your laptop too.

Send Private Voice Notes: This new feature is the addition of private voice emails where you can voice notes from your smartphone to both EPRIVO & Non-EPRIVO users effortlessly. It’s a great to futureproof your needs in case you wish to send remarks to someone and caring about privacy at the same moment.

Physical and Digitally secure Email: Can our emails be really secure? What if there’s a hacker attack on of the providers? EPRIVO is already a step ahead. You don’t need to worry about your email address thanks to EPRIVOs integrated security. With this feature, no single provider has enough information about your email. So, even if one of the providers did get compromised, there is still a plenty lot of information they need to get actually to understand an email.

Now, after seeing these features, you might think that it is costly. That’s the best part. It doesn’t even cost you as much as a pizza. There are multiple plans available to choose based on the requirements. Let’s explore each plan below.

EPRIVO subscription plans and pricing

All the EPRIVO plans come with a free trial period. In this free period, some of the features are locked and can be unlocked by doing specific actions or buying the product. However, since the locked features are low on umber, you don’t need to worry about it much.

Individual Plus: This plan costs just $1 per month. As the name suggests, a single user can use this plan. Almost all the features that are mentioned above are present in this plan. There is also a free trial period included with this one.

Family Plus: Looking for the best family plan? Well, here it is. This plan costs $0.30 per month per user. It is a pack for five members. You get the same features as you get for the previous plan.

Celebrity Gold: It is a plan for one and offers some exclusive features. This plan costs $3 per month. Some of these unique features include privatized metadata.

Celebrity Platinum: It is just like a family plan for celebrity package. You get all the features of Celebrity Gold with it, and this plan is for five members. Celebrity platinum costs around $1.5 per month per user for five users.

Pros and cons of using EPRIVO


Using a private email service is always suitable for safety. Pros of using EPRIVO include all the unique features they are offering, which are explained above in this article. A lot of users gave a satisfactory review of the product. The average user rating is also around 4.75, which is considered excellent.


There are no reported problems with EPRIVO until now. They are known for their excellent customer support. So, even if you got a problem with the product, you can contact them immediately.

How to use EPRIVO

Using EPRIVO is really simple. You just secure an email and start doing things in the application. Once you enter the application, it will automatically guide you through all the features that you can use. If you want, you can check out the videos and blogs released by EPRIVO on their website. They are meant to guide everyone from a beginner to a standard user.

EPRIVO can be used on multiple platforms. You can find EPRIVO application on all the major operating systems. EPRIVO made it really easy by introducing Android app. Since a large number of people are aligned to using android, and the EPRIVO is successful in gaining an increased number of audiences.

Using EPRIVO on Mac is super easy too. As in the rest of the platforms, EPRIVO guides you through the application first. Mac users reported no problems with the stability of the application. The application interface on Mac is just a bit different than that in the Windows. However, the fact that the interface is user-friendly doesn’t change. In fact, all the users reported no observable problems with EPRIVO.


In this article, we have seen how using a private email service can be beneficial to you. Later, we saw how EPRIVO is perfect for the job. The features offered by EPRIVO are simply marvelous, and they come at such a low price too. The user ratings also suggest that EPRIVO private email service is the best in its field.

A lot of websites that reviewed EPRIVO before also marked it as a must-try Software. From all this information, we can see how EPRIVO can fill our needs. Then we saw the pricing and subscription plans of the EPRIVO, which are totally reasonable. All the EPRIVO subscription plans also come with a free trial period in which the user can try out the software and can cancel anytime he wants.

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