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Whenever I open up my email to search for a message or attachment, I get frustrated about how time-consuming it can be navigating through hundreds of emails.  Most email accounts just use a simple search function, which still makes the user have to do a lot of work to find attachments, pictures and conversations.  Inbox Cube has solved this with a more visual approach to email.

inbox cube email

The iOS email app, which launches today in beta, is a new inbox that supports Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, IMAP and multiple e-mail accounts.  Once you download the app and input your email account information, you are instantly directed to an inbox that feels very different from your archaic list-type email account.

Inbox Cube gives you the ability to organize your email into three tabs, known as cubes–the Email Cube, Attachment Cube and Contact Cube.  All of the tabs sit at the bottom of your screen and can be toggled through by touch to  automatically organize your emails in the three different cubes.

The Email Cube might look like your old email account, but it isn’t.  While it still arranges all of your emails in list form, it also lets you scroll and zoom into visual snapshots of an email using your fingers.

The attachment cube, which is so convenient when you are searching for a document, photo or video, allows users find, sort and actually see all sent and received attachments in one place.  It’s visual, it’s user-friendly and it’s functional.

Inbox Cube Attachment

The contacts cube sorts through all of your emails and attachments by contacts.  It can also organize your contacts alphabetically and by frequency.

Toronto-based Inbox Cube created the app to make navigating email easier and more visual.

“E-mail is one of the so-called ‘ancient’ tools that we still need and use to genuinely communicate with others, but we still haven’t found a way to navigate through the noise and clutter that comes along with your inbox,” said Kalpesh Rathod, CEO, Inbox Cube. “With Inbox Cube, we’re working to address this issue by visualizing your email content and making it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for on your mobile device.”

Besides making your email inbox easier to navigate, the app also supports multiple accounts, so you can log in to three Gmail accounts and two Yahoo! accounts, for example. The app also arranges emails through visual HTML snapshot of each individual email and allows you to reply to emails with a single touch.

Inbox cube will be live in the app store on December 3, however, users can gain access to its beta version by signing up on the company’s website.

I think I will have to say goodbye to my old archaic email view and adopt this.

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