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Dock Spaces is a free program that allows you to create multiple docks (4 new ones + 1 default one) to help manage your applications. In addition, it integrates with Spaces to allow each dock to be assigned a space.

I have created 4 new docks – Internet, Multi-Media, Coding, and Utilities.  Each of course serves its own purpose.  What Dock Spaces has allowed me to do is create a more productive work-environment.  I can make sure that all of my applications and tools are grouped together by usage which makes everything much more accessible.

Dock Spaces also allows you to create shortcuts to change the dock with ease.  Each dock is also fully configurable within your dock preferences, so each dock can have a different size, location, and so on.

Dock Spaces is definitely worth checking out for any OSX user out there.

UPDATE: As of today, Dock Spaces 2.0 has been released which allows you to have up to 10 docks!

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