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Why don’t you like Windows Vista?

This post isn’t about bashing Vista, nor am I.  I liked Vista when I used it for over 2 years, it worked for me.  However, I will not deny that people have had issues with it either in the past or the present.  That being said, I’m looking to find out either specific problems and/or issues you have experienced first hand with Vista – not heard through the grapevine.

Face it, even Microsoft has to a certain extent – Vista has a very bad rep.  The Mojave Experiment shows that.  Microsoft has to figure out a way to make Windows 7 (the next Windows operating system) a positive experience right off the bat or they will be in some serious trouble.  The last thing Microsoft needs is another Vista disaster.

So I am asking you two simple questions:

  1. What was wrong with Vista (I’m looking for firsthand accounts) / why didn’t you like it?
  2. What would Microsoft have to do or include in Windows 7 that would make you want to use it and switch from either XP or Vista.

Leave some comments and be creative (yet realistic) I want to know why you didn’t like Vista and what you would like to see in Windows 7!

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