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This afternoon I was searching Google for the term “besttechie” and ran across a link relatively deep into the results which stood out, not because it was particularly interesting, but because of the additional link directly under the result.  The additional link labeled ‘This site may harm your computer‘ caught my attention.  I’m not quite sure how new this is, however, I’m quite pleased that Google has taken extra steps to keep their users safe from potentially harmful websites that can install malware, viruses, trojans, etc onto people’s computers.

The help page explains, “We want our users to feel safe when they search the web, and we’re continuously working to identify dangerous sites and increase protection for our users. This warning message appears with search results (as seen above) we’ve identified as sites that may install malicious software on your computer.”  Now you may ask, what if someone doesn’t see that warning message and clicks the link?  Google takes you to a redirect page, once again warning you and making sure you want to visit the site, of which you can proceed to the potentially harmful site, go back to the results, or visit to learn more about malware.

As someone who has been apart of the anti-malware community for quite some time, I think this is a great job on Google’s part to help keep the Internet a safer place.

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