New Lenovo Computers Had “Superfish” Adware Pre-Installed Since September

If you bought a new Lenovo computer between this past September and January, you might have a problem. Today, news hit that adware called “Superfish” had been installed on Lenovo computers starting late last year, which has been now been revealed to pose a serious security threat to users. The story first broke on The … [Read more...]

Don’t Download that Wallpaper…It May Hide Secret Bitcoin Mining Malware

What good is a fancy Android smartphone if you don’t have equally schmancy wallpaper? Well, before you scour the Google Play Store for a background that sets your heart a-flutter, think about whether or not you want to run the risk of loading your phone up with malware. That’s malware that secretly mines for Bitcoins, to be … [Read more...]

I mSpy: New Key Logging App Could Track Your Every Move

A post on TheNextWeb points out a new application available for iOS and Android devices that you will never, ever want to encounter: it’s called mSpy, and it’s essentially a “legally” obtained key logging app that’s used to snoop on others who may or may not know that it’s even there. According to the post, mSpy is … [Read more...]

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile App Now Available for Android

One of the benefits of the Android platform is its openness and accessibility, not just for the end-user, but for the breadth of applications and marketplaces out there. But with that freedom comes risk, risk of losing important data or worse, your identity, to the more nefarious folks and programs out there. That risk … [Read more...]

Android Exploit Leaves Users Vulnerable

According to a post on Computerworld, there’s a long-unnoticed exploit lingering in the Android mobile operating system—one that leaves users extremely vulnerable to insidious programs and the people who make them. Apparently there’s a flaw in the OS’s security protocols that allows hackers to insert malicious code into … [Read more...]

New Skype Phishing Scam Promises Premium Upgrade, Installs Malware

Skype users need to be on alert for a new phishing scam that is making its rounds across the Skype network.  Discovered by security researchers at Malwarebytes, the new scam makes an offer to unsuspecting users which they hope the users will not be able to resist: a free premium upgrade -- if you visit this site, login with … [Read more...]

Malwarebytes Secure Backup Launches to Keep Backups Infection Free

Malwarebytes, the company behind the popular Anti-Malware software, announced that it has launched Malwarebytes Secure Backup, the first online backup service that automatically scans files for malware prior to backup.  This important for a couple of reasons, the first major reason being that it will keep you from … [Read more...]

Apple and Facebook Hacked by the Same Website: iPhoneDevSDK

Apple announced today that a number of systems inside the company were infected with malware that made use of a Java vulnerability inside some Web browsers. Just days ago, Facebook made a similar claim; that last month, internal computers had been targeted and infiltrated as a result of a similar vulnerability. As it … [Read more...]

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