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Slicehost: Customer Satisfaction Story

Slicehost, which was acquired by Rackspace several months ago, is an excellent company that provides Virtual Private Servers (VPS). These virtual servers provide the owner unrestricted access for both application and web development. As a customer of them for several years I have had many conversations with the Slicehost support staff, and every time I have had a talk, it always turned out great with relevant answers, but today was by far the best interaction with Slicehost I have had yet.

On the morning of January 18, 2010 I sent an email to Jason, one of the co-founders of Slicehost regarding a problem I had when it came to paying for one of several accounts that I hold with Slicehost. I explained my situation to him and several hours later received a reply from Paul. Who is the current General Manager for Slicehost and I was assured that there are steps that could be taken to secure my accounts to prevent any damage while the situation is sorted out.

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Facebook Connect: Login’s Made Easy

Facebook Connect integration on websites as a login method is becoming more and more popular everyday. With a large user base ranging in the millions, Facebook offers a great median for websites who want to provide interactive content while also requiring a form of identification without forcing a user to keep track of multiple user accounts and passwords.

When done with care Facebook Connect can be an extremely powerful and easy to coordinate log in method. An example would be the recent official launch of the url shortener which has integrated Facebook Connect technology to provide a hassle free login system and a solid foundation for future developments.

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