Slicehost, which was acquired by Rackspace several months ago, is an excellent company that provides Virtual Private Servers (VPS). These virtual servers provide the owner unrestricted access for both application and web development. As a customer of them for several years I have had many conversations with the Slicehost support staff, and every time I have had a talk, it always turned out great with relevant answers, but today was by far the best interaction with Slicehost I have had yet.

On the morning of January 18, 2010 I sent an email to Jason, one of the co-founders of Slicehost regarding a problem I had when it came to paying for one of several accounts that I hold with Slicehost. I explained my situation to him and several hours later received a reply from Paul. Who is the current General Manager for Slicehost and I was assured that there are steps that could be taken to secure my accounts to prevent any damage while the situation is sorted out.

He pointed out that:

Unfortunately, there is no way of removing a single account from the script so your account would be suspended along with any others that are in a similar position.

However, what I can offer, and I hope this is acceptable, is that your account won’t be deleted after the usual period of time. I am very happy to leave the account in a suspended manner for, say, a month and then perhaps we could see where we are?

What makes this situation so special? Well, it confirmed the thoughts that I had held since becoming a customer of Slicehost, and that is, that they care. If I can contact the founder of a company and have a reply that not only is passionate, but can also understand a situation at a human level, and not just a large corporate company thinking about the big picture, then I know I am with a company that I can trust.

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Slicehost by far has the best customer support and staff available. I have been with several large web hosts, and none have yet to meet the satisfaction that Slicehost has brought me. I will recommend them for any web or application developer seeking a great outlet for their abilities.

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  • Paul Tomes
    Posted January 19, 2010 at 6:09 PM 0Likes


    I'm glad we (Slicehost) could offer help. Let us know if we can do anything else.

    Many thanks.


  • robert_taylor
    Posted January 20, 2010 at 4:07 AM 0Likes

    Yes, I'd agree with this. We have used several hosting companies over the last few years but now, apart from a few legacy systems, everything is now running on Slicehost. Ironically, we switched to Slicehost just after they had an outage. They were open about the issue and kept us well informed of progress as the problem was being fixed so that we were able to keep our clients updated. If you're looking for hosting I'd definitely recommend them.

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