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Your business revenues rely heavily on having a good product, and then backing up that product with customer service. Ideally, customer support issues are few and far between. But as you probably know first-hand, this is rarely the reality. You have a lot of customers to handle, which can make even small issues very difficult to manage as all those service requests pile up.

Simplify with service ticketing software

Using service ticketing software is the best option for most businesses when it comes to any type of customer service. Why? It all comes down to efficiency. Service ticketing software simplifies every stage of the process, making it faster and easier for your staff to address customer concerns without wasting time tracking down the details. Your system can help you keep track of:

  • All customer information, such as contact info, what products they own, and what issues they have had before
  • Every interaction with all customers
  • What actions have been taken
  • Recommended steps from managers on handling requests
  • The status of each request
  • Everything that has been shipped to or received from customers
  • Which agents have handled customer interactions and requests

The organization inherent in service ticketing software adds a level of efficiency that email or other methods just can’t achieve. With every request, action, and status change documented in the system, your staff will have the whole story in front of them when working to resolve customer issues.

Keep priorities straight

Service ticketing software can eliminate staff guesswork as to what they should do first. Rather than searching for the priority issues, the software prioritizes the most important tasks, so the most urgent issues can be addressed sooner. This keeps bigger issues from going unresolved while the trivial stuff gets cleared. Instead, your staff will immediately know what their priorities are.

No chasing down information

Instead of digging through emails or having to make sure to CC the right people, you’ll know everything about a particular request with the click of a button: who’s worked on it, priority level, what solutions have been tried, what the status is, etc. When you use service ticketing software, all incoming service requests can be found in one place.

Tracking and reporting is easy

Need to know every ticket a certain employee has worked on? Want to see all requests associated with a specific issue or product? Need to see all unresolved or urgent tickets? Service ticketing software is the only efficient way to run those reports, so you always have an accurate picture of how your support team is performing.

Reduce manual entry

How many hours are spent per day on manual information entry, record keeping, and chasing down the right information? The more work you can automate, the more efficient your business will be. Service ticketing software automates much of this work, letting your staff focus on resolving issues.

Avoid customer service snafus

Don’t allow your agents to be thrown for a loop every time they pick up the phone or have to chase down a trail of emails before they can speak to a customer with confidence. A good service ticketing software solution turns every request into automatic and prioritized tickets. This alone can save you many hours every day.

But aside from the automation factor, your system also keeps records every interaction with each customer. When your staff is dealing with a certain customer, they have the complete context of that and other requests right in front of them. The agent can see the status of every service order, who’s accountable, what’s being done right now, and more. Customers can also receive automatic updates as their request moves through your system. This all leads to better service, happier customers, and more business for you.

Service ticketing software should be one of your primary options for increasing efficiency and profitability, and should definitely part of any business automation suite you adopt. The resources saved just might help you hire more needed staff, boost investor confidence, and develop future business pipelines. In short, it can make a major difference in the overall health and profitability of your business.

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