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World of Warcraft is one of those games that continue to be amazing and just a lot of fun years and years after its inception. It’s a very rewarding, fun game and one that continually makes people come back to it. Considering that the initial release was in 2004, that’s around a decade and a half of pure MMO excellence. But why is World of Warcraft still relevant?

They are bringing in new content periodically

If you want a game to last for a very long time, you need content. And the reality is that World of Warcraft has the most content when compared to other games in the industry. The support for this game was and still is amazing. They are constantly patching the game, adding new content and so on. It’s really exciting and you will enjoy it a lot.

The game is extremely addictive

The core ideas behind the game are very addictive and they constantly deliver new things to pull you in. You always get new abilities, new quests and new characters to play with. You get to feel that the character is stronger and stronger, and all these things really make the game so enticing and fun.

You choose how you want to play

There are World of Warcraft players that only play PVP. Others just want to play to complete side quests and the main story as a way to understand the lore. Or there are people that want to find the coolest and best loot in the game. Either way you are free to choose the way you play and you can have fun without limiting yourself to certain gameplay mechanics. Or you can play only a single mode if you want.

You can earn money by playing World of Warcraft

Yes, there are many ways you can earn money by playing World of Warcraft. You can buy WoW gold and sell it for real money, you can also sell in-game items too. There are even marketplaces like that help you earn real money quickly just by selling the stuff you want.


Blizzard made a huge deal out of World of Warcraft and it’s one of the main games behind BlizzCon, a Comic Con created specifically around Blizzard games and products. If you are very passionate about World of Warcraft, you can find apparel, shirts and cool stuff there. And let’s face it, people love the lore and gameplay, so it makes sense for them to purchase these products and just enjoy them as they see fit.

WoW continues to be a staple in the gaming world and one of the best and most popular game series ever. If you like MMORPGs or just games in general, you do need to give WoW a shot, because it’s one of the coolest and most interesting games ever. Yes, there can be a bit of fatigue at times, but you always come back to it because it’s a very relaxing experience. And you have all the control you want over how you play too!

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