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Can you do a quick translation to an unknown language? Translation to an unidentified language can be comfortable with handy browser extensions and online tools. These translators are better than a foreign dictionary or overseas friends. These translators are easily accessible for translating a word or sentence to another language quickly. Some translators are available with some extra features for your convenience. Here are some free translators that you can find online. To keep them near you, make sure to bookmark any of these translators.


With, you will get the professional translation for text without any grammar error. You can globalize your user base with more than 90 languages. Feel free to use a keyboard or voice to enter text and hear or read the translation.

If you need accurate translation, you can get the advantage of human translations. These are available with invincible accuracy. Sign up for your account to get access to human translation service. A multi-lingual can become a paid translator with

2. Google Translate

It is an online translator of Google to learn a new language. It helps you to determine the meaning of phrases or words. Moreover, you can listen to the sound to discover their actual pronunciation. If you want to speak a foreigner, Google translate can help you to understand his messages. Moreover, you can translate your words in another language before sending them to your client.

Google translate works quickly and can identify languages automatically. It supports a variety of languages. You can listen to a message to understand its right pronunciation. It will help you to speak the input language. Translate community of Google has verified the accuracy of Google’s translation. Feel free to save a translation for later use.

3. Yandex Translate for Websites and Images

In the world of translation, you can’t forget this beast. It can translate between different languages, work quickly and look great. Other than text translations, it can translate images and entire websites. Yandex supports voice input. You are allowed to add trepanations to a list of preferences. With Yandex translator, you will get suggestions to fix a bad translation.

It can support text input of over 10,000 characters. Users can easily swap between two languages with a button. Moreover, you can check the spellings of your words and phrases. Yandex can translate images on a word or line basis. Website translations will position alongside a native language.

4. Reverso Learning Translator

Reverso translator is another good option to learn a new language. Similar to Google translate, it is designed to translate automatically between languages. Reverso can help you to learn several common languages. This translator is available with a spell checker. It can start translation without hitting a button.

You can listen to the translated and source text. With an on-screen keyboard, you can type in different languages. To improve their services, you can rate the validity of each translation. Reverso offers context translations to strengthen your grip on a language.

5. Bing Translator

With this Microsoft translator, you can get the advantage of an auto-detect feature. If you are not sure about a language, copy and paste your text in Bing Translator. It will automatically suggest the language and translate it immediately.

Bing translator can help you to translate foreign messages in your native language for better understanding. It supports numerous languages. In the input box, you can write almost 5,000 characters at a time. Modern, attractive interface makes it an easy tool for everyone. You can copy your translation in the clipboard. The text will be spoken with multiple accents, in a female or male voice. A button is available to swap between two languages easily.

6. Internet Slang Informal Translator

This translator is for fun only, so don’t use it for practical translations. You can type a word, and this translator will convert it into a slang. Conversions may happen automatically without any button. It can translate common jargons of the internet.

7. DeepL Translator

For automatic sentence completion and definitions, DeepL Translator can be a suitable tool. You are free to choose from 7 languages. By double-clicking a word, you can get more details about a translated word. After selecting a word for translation, you can see a dropdown menu box with extra options.

You should check the definitions of the words that appear at the base of the page simultaneously. Moreover, see the examples of words in output and input language. DeepL can be an excellent tool for learners. It helps you to learn a new language conveniently.

8. PROMT Translator

It doesn’t offer numerous languages just like other translators. You can translate into 16 available languages. With automatic language detection, you can identify a language and use it for further translation.

You can check spellings and access its dictionary. With a virtual keyboard, typing can be an easy task. PROMT allows you to order a human translation from OneHour Translation.

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