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Unlike your standard blog or website, e-commerce websites have multiple responsibilities to balance when promoting their offerings to the public. While the offering of quality, affordable products and services is crucial to long-term success, reaching audiences who value what is offered in the first place is its own struggle.

Ultimately, e-commerce platforms are no different than any other type of website: content is absolutely required in order to improve visibility in search engines and entice consumers. With that being said, what types of content are best suited for e-commerce sites? Below, we’ll review the best content types you can use to better promote your products and services to the masses.


Above all else, video content has become in-demand in recent years like nothing else. More than two-thirds of all content traffic relates to videos and a majority of people admit to watching video content online every day. Due to the rapid growth in mobile devices in particular, video content has become the new, preferred form for most to enjoy, learn or explore.

The best thing about video content is that it can be promoted across all platforms. Whether you’re featuring the videos on product pages, in your blog, in email marketing or on social media, video content will continue to deliver relevance to your brand in ways that many other types of content cannot provide.

Landing Pages/Calls to Action

For maximum effect, your e-commerce hub should be utilizing the benefits that landing pages and calls to action can provide. Whether you’re attempting to convince somebody to join your mailing list or purchase a new product, the simplicity of landing pages can often help clear the shopper’s mind of any distractions.

Landing pages are great for marketing campaigns and organic strategies alike, helping to focus the reader’s attention by giving them a precise pitch that outlines product benefits.

How-to Content

People are constantly looking for solutions. As an e-commerce site, you may not feel it is your job to deliver those answers to people. However, developing rapport and authority with potential customers is essential in beating the competition. How-to content is immensely popular due to its instructional nature and how it helps satisfy human curiosity.

This how-to content can come in different forms and can tackle any number of potential questions within your niche. From showing people how to properly use products like the ones you sell to providing repair advice, this content will help bolster search engine visibility and also improve shoppers’ opinions of you.

Monetized Elements

An e-commerce platform should strive to earn as much business as possible, but passive forms of revenue are just as important. Carefully balancing the two is essential for long-term success, and the latter form of revenue can help sometimes balance out lulls in the former.

Through programs such as AdSense, you can carefully include content blurbs and links to relevant services and products that’ll earn you income all the same. While you don’t want this element to be in direct competition with your own products, there are plenty of ways to include these passive revenue elements without distracting from your message.

(Banned from AdSense? Here Are Some Alternatives:

Every e-commerce website has an opportunity to be successful. Ultimately, delivering audiences content that will earn their trust, provide them with information and help persuade them is crucial in making this happen. Now that you know what needs to be done in order to improve content creation on your website, it’s up to you to implement these strategies and see that they deliver.

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