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The marketing strategy of your app will be a key determining factor in the ultimate success of the app. Even if you have a groundbreaking application you’ll need people to become aware of it. With the competitive nature of app’s on the Play Store and the App Store, you need to find ways for your app to stand out. Try the following tips to boost app downloads.

Focus on the Description

Think of your description as your first impression. Research the relevant keywords to use and find an able copywriter or content creator to help create the narrative. Boost your search chances by using your parts of your application’s name as keywords throughout the rest of your description. Note that it should always sound natural and be easily readable.

“The publisher name is also used by the App Store algorithm. Search phrases mixing keywords between the developer’s name and the app name seem to work. – Sylvain Gauchet

The description should clearly explain what the user can expect from downloading the application. If your app needs any permissions upon installation, this should be listed as well. Be transparent about your monetization structure as well and remember to consider description translations in different languages.

Application Localization

Note that applications on the app stores are separated geographically according to the country. If you localize your application you’ll increase your chances of being discovered across different languages as well.

There’s also the option to change the metadata of your application. As mentioned before, check the accuracy of the translations and get native speakers to assist you in creating the right message. Take note that the images and icons you are using should be equally enticing.

Review the Reviews

Evaluate your own habits as an app user. How likely are you to download an app with little to no reviews? Probably not. Reviews add to the credibility of your application, and having users share their experiences with your application can be extremely useful. Apart from the algorithms that will boost your rankings, more users will download your app because of its good reputation.

Where your app shows up in the ranking of the application also depends on customer reviews and ratings. Negative ratings can also lead to ranking penalties. Make use of push notifications to ask your users to review your application. Research push notification strategies to implement that will increase engagement and ask for reviews.

There are also many websites available that focus on application reviews, to be more specific here’s a list of over a 100 iOS app reviews websites.

Create Additional Content

Building on the success of your application and brand, cannot take place without a narrative. The app store isn’t the only place where you need to be visible. Make sure that you have a high-quality, responsive website or landing page in place. This will share additional information about your app, your team, and your company.

Having a content strategy in place will ensure that your page is updated with regular content, which can be shared via social media as well. It’s important to keep your users engaged and interacting on more than one platform.

Video content marketing is also highly influential at the moment and creating a video tutorial or animated video to assist in the marketing for your application. If you’re not tech savvy or a wordsmith you could always get the help of professional content creators and videographers to assist you in creating additional content. Backlinks could also help your application rankings if done naturally.

Offer Time-Sensitive Discounts

Although this tactic might cost you a bit of money, the benefits can easily outweigh the expenses. These incentives can increase app downloads which will bring increase your ROI as well. These discounts or promotions can be accessed according to certain terms.

For instance, if they want to use the promotion code, they need to share your app with a friend. If you have a gamification application, you can limit the amount of ‘lives’ available and request that the user share your app on social media or write a review to receive free lives.

There are many ways in which you can implement the reward, loyalty or promotion feature in your application and you app developer should be able to explain the pros and cons of each.

Always Keep Testing

In order to boost your app downloads, you need to provide your target audience with the best application possible. Analytics give you insight into how you can improve your app to please your users. Make use of all the data available to improve your app store optimization.

Your application also needs to be regularly tested and updated. Make use of A/B testing over a period of time to assess which images, descriptions and keywords are leading to the most downloads and conversions.

If you are looking for tools to help analyze and assess your data you could consider analytics products such as, Localytics, and/or Google Analytics.

Make use of Press Releases

“A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” —Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group

Press releases could also be really valuable in boosting your app downloads. A press release can contain the details about your application and when it’s set to launch. If you have a connection to influencers within your industry, you could request that they share the release with their following as well. Press releases increase exposure and also add to credibility.

It’s a good idea to create a buzz before, during and after the launch of your app on the store. If you know any social media celebrities and journalists, it would be good to reach out to them with a proposal and request to review your application.

Press Releases will boost your popularity and raise awareness, especially if you’re conveyed by popular media. Use screenshots in your press release and a link to download your app. App Tweak

If you are in need of assistance on planning your app creation process, there are various design and development agencies available to help you create the best strategy and advice on implementing the above-mentioned tips to boost your app downloads.

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