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iMovie ’11 Makes Anyone Look Like A Video Editing Genius

When Apple demoed iMovie ’11 at their Back to the Mac event this past Wednesday I will admit I was impressed.  As I watched in amazement how easy they made it look to edit videos and make those awesome movie trailers I couldn’t help but think to myself am I just getting sucked into the infamous reality distortion field?  It can’t be this easy.  It just can’t be.  Needless to say, I purchased iLife ’11 that same day.

I do a lot of video content, but by no means am I any kind of video editing expert.  Let’s just say, I can do the basics.  iMovie ’11 is a novice to intermediate video editing users dream come true.  It removes the barriers to making awesome videos.  I spent some time playing with the movie trailer feature; which by the way, is going to be huge.  There is no question in my mind these movie trailers are going to be all over YouTube.

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