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When Apple demoed iMovie ’11 at their Back to the Mac event this past Wednesday I will admit I was impressed.  As I watched in amazement how easy they made it look to edit videos and make those awesome movie trailers I couldn’t help but think to myself am I just getting sucked into the infamous reality distortion field?  It can’t be this easy.  It just can’t be.  Needless to say, I purchased iLife ’11 that same day.

I do a lot of video content, but by no means am I any kind of video editing expert.  Let’s just say, I can do the basics.  iMovie ’11 is a novice to intermediate video editing users dream come true.  It removes the barriers to making awesome videos.  I spent some time playing with the movie trailer feature; which by the way, is going to be huge.  There is no question in my mind these movie trailers are going to be all over YouTube.

The movie trailer feature is not only super cool, it’s super easy to use.  iMovie ’11 clearly lays the framework of your video and includes all of the music and transitions.  All you need to do is drag and drop the clips into the appropriate spots and then it’ll build it.  That’s it.  You can just as easily edit the text that appears to customize it to your specific needs.  To put it simply, it’s just flat out awesome (and fun).

I’ve embedded a movie trailer I made for the upcoming movie (not really), Zuck.  Which features my new kitten, Zuck.  I definitely see myself using iMovie ’11 to do more of these in the future.  There are also a number of other improvements including better audio editing abilities which is also nice, especially since it was an area where iMovie lacked in the past.

Have you tried the new iMovie?  What do you think?

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