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Time Warner Cable App Launches for Xbox 360 with Access to 300 Channels

A couple years ago, Microsoft started getting really serious about integrating live TV broadcasts into its Xbox 360 gaming (and, let’s be honest, entertainment) console. Back where my brother lives on Long Island, he grabbed the Verizon FiOS app, and could watch television live right from his console. Here in Minneapolis, … [Read more...]

Google Looking to Strike TV Deal

It’s no secret that the web is the go-to entertainment destination for most people these days, having eclipsed television in terms of its overall relevance years ago. Case in point: some of the more interesting events to happen on television lately (like “the Red Wedding” on Game of Thrones, for instance) have revolved … [Read more...]

Silver Lake Withdraws from Hulu Bidding Process

One of the big bidders looking to snag television-streaming service Hulu has taken itself out of the running, says a post on AllThingsD today. Silver Lake Partners, a tech-focused private equity firm, had previously been reported as pursuing a purchase of Hulu alongside other companies like Yahoo, DirecTV, and a joint … [Read more...]

Will Intel TV Revolutionize The Industry?

Intel's online pay-TV, which was announced last year, has already been dismissed by many as another ho-hum attempt by Intel to break into the consumer electronics market.  Not only would Intel have to compete with monopoly-like cable operators, like Comcast and DirecTV, but it would also have to make some substantial … [Read more...]

Verizon Wants Better TV Pricing for Channels People Don’t Watch

Cable television is kind of a mess when it comes to the fees providers pay for channels. Companies like Verizon, Time Warner and Comcast do pay for the right to broadcast some channels individually, but what happens a lot of times is multiple channels are sold to these providers as "bundles" -- for instance, a popular cable … [Read more...]

Six Strikes And Your Internet Speeds Are Throttled

My fellow Internet users, today marks the day, after much delay that the Six Strikes System (also known as the Copyright Alert System) goes into effect.  Over the course of the next several days, participating ISP's will start implementing the system onto their networks.  This means that if you are caught illegally … [Read more...]

ISPs Preparing For IPv6

Recently, Comcast demonstrated its network readiness for the switch to IPv6 addresses.  Believe it or not, the internet is not infinite. In fact, it is running out of space rather quickly. That is, the current version of Internet Protocol is running out of space. What we now use is known as IPv4, and experts believe that … [Read more...]

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