Ad Review Board Claims AT&T is Falsely Advertising U-Verse as “Fastest Internet for the Price”

It's probably hard to believe that a telecom company would use misleading advertising (eyeroll), but that's exactly what an advertising review board is saying AT&T has done with its U-Verse Internet service. The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus is taking issue with one … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: Samsung Buys SmartThings; Amazon Launches Local Register

Sunday has found us once again, which means it's time to look at the top tech stories of the past week. Companies making headlines include Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft and Comcast. Ready? Let's go. Samsung Buys SmartThings The Internet of Things is about to get a real kick in the pants -- at least, it will in the Samsung … [Read more...]

For Christ’s Sake, Comcast

It was only three days ago that I wrote a post covering Comcast's recent issues in the area of customer service. Three days. In that time, two more stories have popped up that are less than flattering for the company. The first involves Comcast customer Aaron Spain, who called the provider hoping to cancel his service. … [Read more...]

A Year Without Cable, Week 16: Comcast’s Customer Service Nightmare

The primary focus of cord cutting -- at least, from where I’m sitting -- seems to be the financial savings. Cable bills haven’t exactly gotten cheaper over the years, and for those who have anything but the most basic package, TV has become a pretty substantial slice of the budget pie. But while you can cut the cord, you … [Read more...]

New Legislation Takes Aim at FCC & Net “Fast Lanes”

The situation regarding the FCC’s ineptitude over net neutrality has been making headlines lately, with the commission having essentially capitulated to the lobbyists employed by ISPs and preparing to allow them to charge more for better access. Two lawmakers in Washington, D.C., however, have proposed legislation that … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: Amazon Launches Prime Music; New ‘Quantum Paper’ Android Redesign is Coming

Happy Sunday, everyone! It's time once again for the Weekend Wrap-Up, where we gather the top stories in tech from the past week and summarize them for your reading pleasure. If you've been out of the loop the last couple of days, keep on reading to get caught up. We've got stories from Amazon, Google, Apple and Comcast -- … [Read more...]

Comcast Customers Will Soon Power Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, Starting in Houston

Comcast is rolling out an enormous Wi-Fi network for its customers, but not in the way you'd think. The service is not being built from scratch, but instead piggybacks on the routers already installed for Comcast customers. Around 50,000 wireless hotspots were activated in Houston today, with 100,000 more expected, … [Read more...]

Analyst Believes Comcast Could Eventually Acquire T-Mobile

When it comes to high-speed Internet on our mobile devices and in our homes, one saving grace is that our wireless carriers and home broadband providers (with the exception of Verizon) aren't the same companies. But a UBS analyst believes that AT&T's acquisition attempt of DirecTV is going to have dire consequences for … [Read more...]

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