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Knocking Live Review: iPhone Video Conferencing

Knocking Live is a free video conferencing app for the iPhone and Android based devices.  Once you register on the Knocking Live website, download the app to your phone, and add your friends.  The application is fairly straight forward, you select one of your friends and click on the “knock” button, which will inform the recipient that you want to share live video with them.  If they accept, they will see what you see – it’s pretty cool.

As of right now, Knocking Live does not support audio or two-way video conferencing, however, they said it is something they are working on.  There is a work-around though, if you call the person you want to share video with and then open the app and send the the knock, you can talk to them while streaming the video.  In comparison to other video streaming apps Knocking Live is more of a personal communication method.  Unlike UStream and JustinTV, whose streaming apps are designed for larger audiences, Knocking Live is designed for a one-to-one video conference.

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