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Gumroad just announced it’s rolling out a brand new feature for you today: on-demand video streaming.  And it couldn’t be easier to use: simply upload your video, set your price, and Gumroad handles everything else, including accepting payments and streaming the content.

The simple fee structure of 5% + 25¢ ensures that content creators receive as much money as possible.  When you compare those fees with Apple or Amazon, both of which take 30% — it looks like a pretty good idea to go with Gumroad.  You can upload files up to 4GB in size and the player also supports video resolutions up to 1080p.

Once a buyer completes the sale, they are emailed a unique link to their purchase, which in this case is the video stream.

After the buy clicks the link, they are brought to a page with a video player, which can play on just about any device (computer, smartphone, tablet).  One nice thing about using Gumroad to sell your streaming video is that you can choose to host the player on either or by simply pasting a few lines of code on your own site you can place the streaming video on your own domain.

gumroad-playerIf offering a streaming video isn’t your thing, you can still use Gumroad to offer your video (or any content) as a traditional download.  Unfortunately, when it comes to video content, you can only offer one or the other (at least for the time being): so it’s either offer streaming video or a video download.

It’s worth noting that with Gumroad it helps if you have an already established audience as the company does not offer a promotional store front for what’s being sold through the service.

I’d also recommend you check out our article from back in January when we spoke with Gumroad founder and CEO, Sahil Lavingia about the future of Gumroad.

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