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AOL is getting into the video-streaming game next week, jumping into the ring with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, among others. And according to a report on Variety, the service will be ad-supported, but it’s not clear yet how much or how many advertisements you’ll be viewing.

From the outset, the currently unnamed service will host “tens of films” from studio Miramax, who cranked out classics like Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting, among a multitude of others. Film selection from Miramax and potentially other studios will rotate in and out of accessibility monthly, but a starting list has yet to be announced.

The Variety report does, however, mention that the Miramax partnership is not an exclusive one, so you won’t see those movies disappearing from your queues on competing platforms like Netflix. AOL will also be continuing work in original programming, much like competing services – with a show called Connected. It’s likely that this show will broadcast exclusively on this new service.

We’ll likely hear more about this new venture in the days to come, so buckle up and get ready for some sweet streaming movies – brought to you by Johnson and Johnson, a family company.

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