iPhone 3.0 Supports Streaming Video

Apple has announced the next version of the iPhone OS. The new iPhone OS (3.0) is said to support streaming video amongst many other features (which I’ll cover in a later blog post). However, while streaming video has been announced it was not covered in depth during the event. And when I say not covered in depth – I mean it. Unlike essentially all of the other major features (which I consider streaming video to be) it was just briefly mentioned during the presentation.

So, what’s the deal? I want to know what Apple means when they say streaming video – a.) do they mean you will be able to broadcast streaming video from your iPhone (without having to jailbreak)? b.) do they mean you will be able to view streaming video from your iPhone (such as watch live TV)? c.) or do they mean you will be able to do both a and b.

They are obviously supporting it (see picture below), but, do the carriers have to sign off on it? Even if the carriers have to sign off on it – why didn’t Apple discuss it more in depth? Apple talked a bit about tethering and answered questions about it as well during the Q & A, but nothing about streaming video. Which, by the way, I find more interesting than tethering. I mean, don’t get me wrong I think tethering is definitely useful, but, c’mon – streaming video from your iPhone? That takes the cake! That may be because I love to stream though.


Nonetheless, I’m curious as to what you think. Do you think you will see the uStream or Qik apps (for streaming video) in the App Store soon (after the release of 3.0)? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Great article and I hope I can clear somethings up when it comes down to this topic. The streaming video API that has been added into the new 3.0 software is an API system to help developers create streaming applications. Currently all the documentation suggests that is is streaming from a source to the device and does not mention anything the other way around. I really think this is apples was of getting developers to use their default frameworks and not develop your own (the only way currently to do streaming video). I really hope this helps people like slingbox and orb develop better streaming applications. Keep up the great work Jeff!

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