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Times are tough. Businesses and people aren’t spending as much money as they were in the past. One of those cut-backs being advertising (even online). So I have been doing some thinking and decided to provide a small, but, I feel generous special for businesses and people who want to advertise on

So what’s the deal? Here is my current proposed special.

Below is a list of three (3) ad slots that I offer on my blog. I will be cutting the price per month in half. That means 50% off! But wait! I think I can do even better (keep reading…).  (Ok, enough of the car salesman talk).

728 x 90 – (Leaderboard) – appears on all pages (top) – $70 ($35)/month
468 x 60 – (Horizontal Banner) – appears directly below each blog entry (bottom) – $50 ($25)/month
300 x 250 – (Medium Rectangle) – appears on all blog pages (top right) – $60 ($30)/month

* All ads are subject to ad rotation in their respective slots – we accept up to four (4) ads per slot.

The way I’m going to work this special is as follows:

This opportunity is on a first come first serve basis.  To start, I am only offering five (5) ad slots at these special prices.  However, if I see an overwhelming amount of interest that number may increase.

Now here is where it gets better.  On top of the 50% off per month I will provide free months under the following conditions:

If you purchase three (3) months of advertising up front I will give you one (1) additional month completely free.
If you purchase six (6) months of advertising up front I will give you two (2) additional months completely free.
If you purchase twelve (12) months of advertising up front I will give you four (4) additional months completely free.

Anyone who is interested in this special please contact me as soon as possible! Remember this special is on a first come first serve basis and there are only five (5) slots available.

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