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Windows 8: Microsoft’s Game of Catch Up

It’s no secret that Redmond-based Microsoft Corporation went through somewhat of a rough patch and a sizable public image meltdown when Windows Vista (early 2007) failed to meet the expectations and needs of consumers.  Seeing as how the release sported the most significant jumps since the release of Windows 95 in terms of both GUI and features, many saw Vista’s failure in the mainstream market as a huge blow for the once legendary software company.  But with the release of Windows 7 in 2009, Microsoft was able to bring a beautiful and highly functional operating system to the table.  Sure, many would argue that the OS was still a bit bloated, but when it boils down to it the release was a great come-back for Microsoft.  Even back in 2009 we saw Windows 7 gain an unprecedented adoption rate with consumers.

Fast forward into 2011, and Microsoft is back at it again.  This time around Microsoft has brought in an entirely refreshed interface that I think is much cleaner than what we’ve seen with Windows 7.  If you’ve seen the screenshots and demo, you too probably notice the distinctive similarity between the current state of Windows 8 and the established look and feel of the company’s Windows Phone 7 mobile platform.

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The One Issue That Stands in the Way of Mass-Marketed Linux

It seems like just yesterday that I was a user of the ever so popular Microsoft Windows operating system.  But truth be told, I have been using Linux as my primary desktop operating system for nearly a year now.  In this time, I have learned a great deal about the operating system and have honestly found my experience to have been an insightful and eye-opening one.  Having said this, I am now at the point where I cannot (easily) fathom my return to Windows anytime soon and have – despite going through a number of issues towards the beginning of my transition – become quite comfortable and satisfied with the Linux “way of doing things”, if you will.

Having personally gone from Windows to Linux, I have often looked at it as a very promising operating system not only for “geeks” and “nerds”, but mass-society as a whole.  With rapidly growing distributions such as Ubuntu focusing highly on user-friendliness and hardware compatibility, it’s easy to see where Linux could easily become a mass-market product in the next couple of years; a concept that the iSnick blog recently covered in a post about Ubuntu’s potential for OEM installations.  However there is one single problem with a consumer implementation of Linux that could potentially put a damper on Linux’s widespread use by individuals such as you and me.

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