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Even though Google’s Android mobile operating system has covered quite a bit of ground in the smartphone market over the last few years, there really is no denying the sad reality that the OS hasn’t proven to be of any success in the tablet market as of yet.  While there are several components that I think build up to this failure with consumers, I have said time and time again that I believe Android tablets have been a flop simply because the selections for mobile applications – one of the things that consumers look for in a tablet – has been pretty dry.  Why?  With the initial and continuing success of the iPad developers are realizing that Android development doesn’t reep the same benefits and return on investment that comparative iOS development brings.

All that said, as much as it hurts me to say it I really do think that the success of Android on the tablet market is forever doomed and that it really is somewhat of a lost cause.  But this in itself doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t have the potential for a successful venture in the tablet arena.  You see, recent months have shown that Google can be incredibly successful with the Google Chrome operating system; a lightweight OS built entirely for web browsing and sporting only a very powerful web browser.  And this week a web developer poking around the Chromium operating system – the project that Chrome OS is based off of – has discovered that newer releases have touch-screen functionality, inferring that Google may be on the verge of developing and marketing Chrome OS tablets down the road.

I for one think this would be a genius move.  Why?  As of right now Google is failing to get traction for Android in the tablet industry.  But the fact of the matter is that Google is king of the web.  Not only does the company index the vast Internet, but Google has arguably been one of the innovators responsible for the development of cutting-edge websites and the standards that make top-notch websites a reality.  And really, after using Google Chrome as my primary web browser on my Mac for the last couple of weeks, I must admit that Google has the entire web industry in its palm.

Better yet, Chrome-based tablets would solve all of the problems that Android-based tablets currently have.  After all, how much would the company have to worry about mobile applications if it built an operating system solely around the web?  And with the development of quality web-based applications and services, I truly believe that Google can re-define the tablet industry to the point where a very solid web browser could suffice for the lack of apps.

Combine this with the fact that an entirely web-focused tablet would not be as susceptible to malware and security vulnerabilities, and I think that Google could have a standing chance at making Chrome tablets a hit.

It’s always been my perspective that a company should focus on perfecting one area of developmental efforts instead of trying to be the “Jack of all trades.”  For a company like Google that has the web by the reins it only makes sense that a web-centered tablet would be the best way to compete with the competition.

That said, Safari on the iPad isn’t all that bad either, and going the iOS route would let still let the users to experience the best of both worlds; web-based applications and services, as well as those delivered as apps.  Nonetheless, I think this is the best route for Google to go right now even if they will be up against competition, because I think a new focus is really the only chance Google has in generating success in the tablet industry.

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