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6Scan Secures Websites and Protects Website Visitors

Bad code. When you surf the web, chances are you don’t think about all the code that sits directly below (metaphorically speaking) that nice design you’re staring at on your screen, but regardless of whether or not you think of code every time you view a website, it exists. There is no denying it, bad code is out there and it can wreak havoc on a website and potentially the website’s visitors.

Sometimes bad code can mean a website isn’t as efficient as it should be, making a website slower and less responsive or broken in some parts, but sometimes bad code can mean your website is vulnerable to attack. Whether it be a cross site scripting attack or an SQL injection, it’s a real problem these days and it’s getting worse, which is why when I met with the executive team of 6Scan this past week while I was in San Francisco, I was super excited to hear about what they are building.

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The Most Common Methods for Protecting Laptop Data

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Storagepipe.  Storagepipe provides online backup software solutions that help companies manage remote laptop data protection.

Laptops are data-loss time bombs.  Because they get banged around a lot, they’re more likely to suffer damage. And because they’re expensive and portable, they make ideal targets for thieves. This is further compounded by the fact that company laptops often store some of the most important strategic, management and sales information.

Any company that plans on allowing their IT hardware to travel off-site must adapt their data protection accordingly. Here are 3 of the most popular solutions that companies use to ensure that their laptop data is securely protected.

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How To: Help Prevent Your Content from Being Stolen

Embed Anything is a brand new service which allows content creators to help deter people from stealing their content without providing any credit to the original creator.  Their technology is extremely easy to setup.  Publishers can create a free account on Embed Anything, grab the script they provide and place it somewhere between the two <body> </body> tags or if you use WordPress you can install their plugin.

There are also several ways to implement their technology on your site.  You can use their button, which similarly to other social buttons out there counts the number of embeds, use a simple rectangular button to generate the embed code, or use the “invisible” method which will only show up when someone goes to copy your content.  I personally use the last implementation, I find it the cleanest.

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