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Bad code. When you surf the web, chances are you don’t think about all the code that sits directly below (metaphorically speaking) that nice design you’re staring at on your screen, but regardless of whether or not you think of code every time you view a website, it exists. There is no denying it, bad code is out there and it can wreak havoc on a website and potentially the website’s visitors.

Sometimes bad code can mean a website isn’t as efficient as it should be, making a website slower and less responsive or broken in some parts, but sometimes bad code can mean your website is vulnerable to attack. Whether it be a cross site scripting attack or an SQL injection, it’s a real problem these days and it’s getting worse, which is why when I met with the executive team of 6Scan this past week while I was in San Francisco, I was super excited to hear about what they are building.

6Scan is a subscription-based service that can be used on any type of website, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and even custom coded sites. While what 6Scan does is very technical, the way it works for an end user is actually pretty simple. 6Scan will scan the individual pages of a site looking for any bad code, and if it finds any, it will provide you with a way to fix it the bad code by offering more secure code for you to implement.

6Scan will provide you with the fix (the secure code to implement) for free, which anyone who is technically savvy can take and stick into their website or you can purchase a monthly subscription starting at $9.99 per month and it will make the fixes for you automatically.

Since 6Scan will scan every page of your site, some larger sites may take longer to scan than smaller to medium sized sites, but rest assured, the service can work on any site. 6Scan has their own proprietary databases of vulnerabilities, but they also are sure to subscribe to and integrate other databases as well, so for example, when a new WordPress vulnerability is found, they know about and can offer a solution to users right away.

While I was really impressed with the product, I was also really impressed with the team. The 6Scan executive team has a long background in the security industry and it was definitely apparent in our meeting. One of the major things 6Scan is hoping to accomplish is not only protecting websites (proactively), but also protecting the visitors of websites.

They realize if they can be proactive with their approach to security, by protecting websites, they can also protect the visitors of the websites, too. And since hacked websites are very common breeding grounds for nasty malware these days, it really is a win-win for everyone.

Below you can find the 6Scan pricing and feature chart.

6scan pricing chart


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