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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with David Ulevitch (OpenDNS CEO)

As part of our continuing interview/Q&A session series, I got in touch with David Ulevitch, the Founder and CEO of OpenDNS.  If you’re not familiar with OpenDNS, I’d recommend you check out the review I wrote (video included) a while back.  However, in short, OpenDNS is company which provides DNS (Domain Name System) services for the Internet.  They offer several useful features and tools which you can’t get with boring old ISP DNS or even Google DNS.

Let’s see what he has to say.

Just a few days ago OpenDNS hit a new milestone and successfully resolved over 31 billion DNS requests in a single day (congrats by the way).  Can you describe how that makes you feel?

It’s very exciting to watch our company grow. DNS requests is just one metric we watch. Others are how many customers we have, how many Fortune 500 companies are using, our attrition rates and many of our customers who are using us like and would recommend OpenDNS to others. Hitting the milestone was fun, but there’s much more work to be done.

Also, while it’s accurate in the sense that it’s the number of queries we resolved, it’s a bit of a red-herring at times in that our operations and engineering teams have some influence over that number when they make changes to how we respond to DNS requests, retries, routing, abusive traffic, etc. – though that’s a whole different discussion.

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Dyn Inc. Acquires EveryDNS

David Ulevitch started EveryDNS while he was a freshman in college back in June 2001. Now nearly nine years later, EveryDNS provides simple, reliable and secure DNS services to the Internet community. It currently delivers DNS services to over 400,000 domains.

Today, Dyn Inc. the company who owns and operates DynDNS.com has announced it acquired EveryDNS.  I have been using EveryDNS now for quite some time and it is superb. It really is one of the best DNS solutions out there.  If anyone had to acquire this service, I’m happy it was Dyn Inc.  I’ve been using their services for quite some time as well.

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OpenDNS Serves 20 Billion DNS Requests In One Day

OpenDNS has been around for quite some time now, I use them myself, though lately I have been messing around with Google’s DNS (since it’s new and well I’m a geek).  Nonetheless, David Ulevitch (OpenDNS founder), just posted on his Facebook and Twitter that yesterday OpenDNS served 20 Billion DNS requests.  That is a single-day record.  You can see it for yourself on the OpenDNS System page (also see screenshot below).

That’s pretty amazing.  As I mentioned I have used OpenDNS for quite some time now and I love it.  It’s an excellent service and I still believe it’s better, faster, and more secure than Google’s public DNS.

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