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DNS otherwise known as Domain Name Servers are essential to the Internet as we know it today. A service called OpenDNS which provides free DNS servers to the public looks at DNS in a whole new way. OpenDNS is a unique service in which once you have an account with them you can do a number of things that will provide better, safer, and more reliable surfing. The service will allow you to block adult websites, phishing sites (scam sites), fix commonly known typo’s when entering a domain into the address bar, and a number of other features such as stats and its famous caching system.

The caching system will speed up your web surfing, trust me – it really does. They even have a CacheCheck which will manually check and update the DNS servers if something changed. For example, went down or we changed our name servers, with CacheCheck you can enter in and have it check and load the latest name servers information into their system. By doing that, you will allow everyone using OpenDNS to access the site if they so happen to go to it.

Do you use OpenDNS? How do you like it? Leave a comment!

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