New York

NY Students May Edge Out Other States Thanks to Brainly

Currently, I live in Minneapolis, MN, about as Midwest as you can get in these here United States. But I’m originally from New York, and spent the first 27 years of my life there before making the move. As such, I’m pretty partial to explaining to my neighbors about how and why New York is basically the best place ever, … [Read more...]

Pinterest Is Changing The Way People Buy Homes

If you're in the market for a home, you typically run a search on a real estate website with all your required parameters, from price, to location, to size.  The result?  A list of homes that typically don't reflect your taste or needs.  But what if you could send your agent a collage of pictures giving them a better idea … [Read more...]

Parx Partners with Anagog to Help You Find A Parking Spot

I grew up in New York, and there’s one phrase I remember my parents saying a lot as we drove to and from our destinations: “too much rubber, not enough road.” The problems with finding room for all those cars in New York only intensified whenever we took trips to Manhattan—and the worst element of it all was when we tried … [Read more...]

BarEye Lets You Order Drinks Fast with Your Phone

It’s no secret that heading out to a bar to have drinks with friends is usually a pretty good time. Hitting a local pub is usually a great way to be social with those you know, and, if you do it right, get to know some folks you don’t. But I just learned about an interesting new smartphone app that’s starting to spread … [Read more...]

Rentenna Makes Apartment Hunting Easier With Building Ratings

I wish I had Rentenna when I was looking for rentals in New York (I may have been able to avoid the complete disregard of my landlord for fixing things).  Rentenna is a Website that rates apartment buildings and neighborhoods by compiling data through open data sources and other sites.  The result is a Pinterest-looking … [Read more...]

UberTAXI Is Back In New York City [Update: Well, Not So Fast]

Uber, the company that has been disrupting the transportation space, specifically when it comes to taxi's has brought back its e-hail taxi app in New York City.  The company made the announcement on its blog earlier today. This past Friday, the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission approved Uber as the first participant in a … [Read more...]

Is The Google Glass App Market the Next Big Thing?

Now that Google plans to start selling Glass this year, the company is looking for inventors and companies to help make the device appealing to the masses.  But will the app market for Google Glass turn into a market like Apple's $25 billion market? Last month, the company held a two-day Glass Foundry event in New York … [Read more...]

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