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Will Online Colleges Make Traditional Education Systems Obsolete?

The condensing and popularizing of online social interaction is happening so fast that speculating on its future simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Specifically, the fate of computer-based remote learning through video lectures, e-learning, the best online colleges and the like is fairly foreseeable. Combined with the decades-long determination that traditional education techniques are for some reason failing many American children these days, its obvious online education is going to play a dominate role in 21st century academia. But there are many ways to teach through instant Internet access, so what form will it take? In order to figure that out, projections for the future of communications technology must be addressed, as well as the inhibitors of current education models and what said technology can do to fix such problems.

Education has Historically Been a Lesson in Time/Space Learning Limitation

“I know that I know nothing” were words attributed to the Greek philosopher Socrates, the founder of Western education. Indeed, this has been the universal prevailing sentiment held by the truest of scholars throughout time; so long as there remains horizons yet to be crossed how can we ever be satisfied that we’re truly aware of everything there is to know? We may never satisfy this desire to become entirely educated in an ideal sense, but technology has certainly allowed the peoples of the world to benefit from global knowledge in a way that has never been accomplished before. We’re now able to take our learning experience beyond any horizon without leaving the living room.

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