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When looking back over the past decade, we’re no strangers to major technology trends shaping our lives. However, with all the hype and buzz surrounding 2020, many people are already questioning how our lifestyles will evolve around the newest tech trends breaking through.  

It’s true that technology trends reshape and help carve out our futures. But as the world of the internet and devices keeps growing and developing, it’s important to analyze that these trends are safe, helpful, and overall, assist with making our lives easier.

For technology to play a positive part in our lives, it must contribute factors of speed, ease, and sophistication. Each year, we expect to see an improvement across those three factors.

So, the main question is: what are the next big tech trends that will be mainstream in 2020?

Here are five key lifestyle aspects you can expect to see evolve and grow, with reliance on new technology trends.

Ordering Food

Whether it’s ordering a late-night Saturday pizza from the local pizza place or a takeaway order from our favourite Italian restaurant, we’ve slowly evolved from the traditional method of calling up. Then came ordering online, then app-based deliveries, and for 2020, expect to see the introduction of robots.

Computers are now capable of carrying out tasks in similar ways to human. Via a phenomenal explosion in the way we can use data, robots have started to be trialed out across various areas of the country, performing tasks that could replace what humans do daily.

Of course, it’s still a slow process. However, in certain parts of the world, including Milton Keynes in the UK, robots are being programmed to deliver takeaways to houses. These are programmed to cross roads safely and travel to the destination and back without efficiently.


The norm was always to attend a bricks and mortar institution for any education and learning practices. While schools, colleges and universities and very much still reliant on physical buildings and actual attendance, the rise of e-learning is now taking over.

With fast changing lifestyle trends, the world of work is always evolving. Each year we see a demand in new careers, with innovate businesses popping up each month in response to our fast-paced world. This has brought an array of online courses to the table, where people already in work can take on e-learning from the comfort of their own homes when they want, and where ever they want.

As businesses grow at rapid rates, there becomes a demand for those with skills across social media, web development, accountancy, and data analysis to name a few. It’s more useful than ever before to understand financial and strategic challenges, making accountancy a key skill to have. You can click here for more information on online courses around these topics.


We saw Bitcoin explode in 2017, which paved the way for other major tech players to start taking cryptocurrencies seriously. There has been an increase with major Initial Coin Offerings hitting the news, like Ethereum for example, which has led to smaller companies developing Stablecoins that aim to provide all the positives of cryptocurrency transactions.

As many tech companies set out to look at incorporating these coins, figuring out exchanges and the fluctuations in prices, you can expect these to become much more mainstream approaches to payments by 2020.

Fitness Wearables

Fitness trackers may have been around for many years now, but they show no signs of slowing their growth. They aren’t a novelty device, but much more of an indication to our future of healthcare. It is said that in 2020, wearable technology will become sharper than ever become, with it fast growing into a staple device people will wear daily.

The data that will be collected from fitness trackers and wearable technology will only get smarter.

People are becoming increasingly interested in their personal health, constantly seeking ways to improve it and understand it. Expect more streamlined approaches to the diagnostics, soon incorporating wellness and self-care as well as physical fitness. Sleep, heart rate and stress level devices are set to be the next ‘norm’ we adopt as heart rate monitoring will play a role in meeting fitness goals.

Pregnancy and Fertility

As women strive to become parents later in life, there is now an expected boom in tech-driven fertility and pregnancy tools. As health-related technology continues to grow, easy-to-use devices surrounding pregnancy planning and fertility are set to become more popular, playing a part for those who wish to simplify all aspects trying for a baby and being pregnant. There will also be a rise in the devices and technology which assist with life after being pregnant, providing as much support for new mums.

With many women focusing on their ovulation, expect wearable devices, apps and sensors which will make this process even smarter than before.

But it won’t stop there. Soon, headphones during pregnancy which tune into your belly, contraction monitors and advanced breast pumps will all come into play.

Above all, quality technology and devices are designed to make our lives easier and to give us access to data that can assist us. By 2020, expect to be blown away with new technology across the areas above that can streamline and simplify your lifestyles.

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