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Currently, I live in Minneapolis, MN, about as Midwest as you can get in these here United States. But I’m originally from New York, and spent the first 27 years of my life there before making the move. As such, I’m pretty partial to explaining to my neighbors about how and why New York is basically the best place ever, ranging from its pizza to its signature brand of aggressive hand-talking. But according to new survey data, New York students may also be poised to prove they’re the smartest in the country, thanks to using a peer-to-peer homework platform called Brainly.

According to the survey, 41 percent of mobile users in the nation live on the East Coast. Only 15 percent live on the other side of the country. Specifically, 4.63 percent of mobile users live in New York, while the Empire State’s West Coast analogue, California, only accounts for 3.73 percent of mobile traffic. Meanwhile, a 2013 survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Pearson Education reports that more students are using mobile devices in conjunction with schoolwork and learning than ever before, and the trend continues to climb.

Why does this data translate into New York once again reigning supreme over the rest of the union? Because New York City also happens to be the number one US City with the most Brainly users. Chicago comes next, with Los Angeles coming in at a sheepish number three.

Therefore: New York is the place that cares about education more than any others. I mean, seriously, was there ever any doubt?

All kidding aside, it doesn’t really matter which state or city uses Brainly or mobile devices the most. The real upshot here is that Brainly connects students and learners with each other to help aid in finding not simply the right answer, but also more than one way to find that answer. With headline after headline of the frustrations and failings of the common core curriculum, it’s reassuring to know that sites like Brainly are out there, giving kids opportunities to learn from each other, and make the future look brighter.

New York getting more bragging rights is just icing on the cake.

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