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Interview with Sahil Lavingia: A Look At What Gumroad Has Planned

I recently sat down with Sahil Lavingia, the founder and CEO of Gumroad, a startup that is really at the center of payments and consumer technology. It’s a fascinating startup, one that I was really excited to learn more about. We met at Sightglass Coffee in San Francisco, a unique coffee shop, which I learned that Jack Dorsey used to visit quite frequently at one point in time.

Its been a little over a year since the initial launch of Gumroad, and the company has raised money from some very notable people and venture capital firms, including Max Levchin (PayPal), Ron Conway (SV Angel), Kleiner Perkins, and others. And they recently opened Gumroad HQ, a 3000+ sq ft space that currently is home to a team of seven people, and likely to expand to 20+ by the end of the year.

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Lori Fraijo Raygoza of Spamfighter & Chicalogic

As part of our continuing interview/Q&A session series, I sat down with Lori Fraijo Raygoza, the Managing Director of Spamfighter in North America and founder of Chicalogic. Both companies develop a wide range of security and utility software to help customers keep their computers running smoothly.

The interview topics ranged from talking about the companies, products, favorite software, to empowering women through software.

I’ve also provided download links to some of the software mentioned in the interview if you want to check it out.

What more could you want?

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Nico Westerdale (BitsDuJour Founder)

I recently got in touch with Nico Westerdale of BitsDuJour.com for our continuing interview/Q&A series.  I met Nico this past summer at Affiliate Summit East (2010) and was lucky enough to have dinner with him one night.  That’s when he introduced me to a website he runs which hosts awesome software deals (for both Mac and PC) and I thought this interview series would be a great opportunity to tell everyone about it.

So, let’s see what he has to say.

Can you tell us a bit about what BitsDuJour is?

BitsDuJour.com is a daily deals website for software. Every day we have both a Mac and a PC application, or a cross platform app, available at a huge discount often up to 90% off the regular price. We partner directly with Independent Software Vendors to get the best possible software that’s out there. We provide all the information you need to evaluate the software before you purchase, with license details and a download link. The really great thing about BitsDuJour is its community. You’re able to ask the Software Vendor any question you want about the software on our comment threads before you purchase and you should be able to get an answer in a very short time. You can also see what other users are saying about the software and really get a feel for how the product is supported, something that’s often impossible to do before you buy through a regular software website.

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with David Ulevitch (OpenDNS CEO)

As part of our continuing interview/Q&A session series, I got in touch with David Ulevitch, the Founder and CEO of OpenDNS.  If you’re not familiar with OpenDNS, I’d recommend you check out the review I wrote (video included) a while back.  However, in short, OpenDNS is company which provides DNS (Domain Name System) services for the Internet.  They offer several useful features and tools which you can’t get with boring old ISP DNS or even Google DNS.

Let’s see what he has to say.

Just a few days ago OpenDNS hit a new milestone and successfully resolved over 31 billion DNS requests in a single day (congrats by the way).  Can you describe how that makes you feel?

It’s very exciting to watch our company grow. DNS requests is just one metric we watch. Others are how many customers we have, how many Fortune 500 companies are using, our attrition rates and many of our customers who are using us like and would recommend OpenDNS to others. Hitting the milestone was fun, but there’s much more work to be done.

Also, while it’s accurate in the sense that it’s the number of queries we resolved, it’s a bit of a red-herring at times in that our operations and engineering teams have some influence over that number when they make changes to how we respond to DNS requests, retries, routing, abusive traffic, etc. – though that’s a whole different discussion.

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Interview With Eric Havir From Microsoft Surface Team

As many of you know (see video and blog post) I had a chance to play with a Microsoft Surface while I attended Gnomedex this past August.  I was so impressed by it, I decided I had to find out more about it.  Eric Havir, the Senior Manager of Digital Communications for the Microsoft Surface was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about the Surface.  If you have any additional questions or comments that you would like to direct towards Eric feel free to leave a comment and I will send them his way.

1. What is the Microsoft Surface and how did it come to be?

Microsoft Surface is an innovative computing platform that responds to touch, natural hand gestures and real-world objects placed on the display. It’s simple and intuitive in that it provides interaction with information and digital content. Its large, 360-degree, horizontal user interface offers a unique gathering place where multiple users can collaboratively and simultaneously interact with content and each other. It also provides businesses with unique value in delivering information and services in a more friendly way that allows for better engagement with their customers.

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