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A Pivot Perhaps? Yelp Trims Daily Deals Team.

When Google wants to copy or mimic your idea you take it as a sign that your company and venture is taking a step in the right direction.  When Google puts an offer on the table and wants to buy your company and idea, though, you know that you’ve hit a home run.  So imagine how it felt for the folks behind Groupon to turn down Google’s acquisition offer – estimated to be at around six billion U.S. dollars – late last year.  Pretty liberating, right?  And better yet, such a substantial offering for what in reality is a very young startup company means that Google saw a huge potential in what Groupon was building.  And with Google’s history, I think it’s safe to say that the company is more than qualified at sensing killer business ventures.

Maybe it’s just me and perhaps it’s just the fact that deal-based services had caught my eye after the Google/Groupon deal caught media attention, but it really seems to me as if services offering “daily deals” have become more and more popular in the last nine months of so.  I mean, look at how far deal site Living Social has gotten in the past couple of years, utilizing the poor state of the economy and the tighter budgets of just about everyone to push their service; even to the point of placing an ad during the February 2011 Super Bowl.

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Four FREE Deals That No Student Should Pass Up

Regardless of what culture or society you were brought up in your parents, if anything like my own, did their best to teach you the importance of education; oftentimes calling it “priceless.” But as we grow up, we realize that education in many countries does indeed have a price, and a steep one at that. So it’s needless to say that students like myself are always keeping an eye out for great deals in order to offset the price of higher education.

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