In the rush of the holiday season, there’s no shortage of last-minute sales and flashy claims to sort through, and the “savings” competing brands promise consumers often result in time lost. With Amazon’s holiday deals, however, shopping is simple and stress-free.

That is great news for shoppers nervous over large crowds and long lines. BlackFriday can prove especially daunting without the convenience of an online marketplace, and Amazon has made it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re searching for without the hassle. In keeping with the retailer’s commitment to customers, you can expect enormous discounts on Amazon-branded devices and free shipping for non-Prime members without a spending threshold.

But what can tech enthusiasts expect from Cyber Monday? Prime members will enjoy30-minute early access to deals on the site in every department, so they can purchase the most popular products before they’re out of stock. From Nov. 26 to Dec. 2, you can stay informed of all the best opportunities to buy with daily updates through the Amazon mobile app or Amazon assistant — and you’ll surely benefit from a prompt notification.

Why? The deals on this list will attract a lot of attention. We’ll detail eight to prepare you for the holidays.

Virtual Assistants

In a growing trend across the United States, homeowners everywhere are purchasing virtual assistants. These voice-enabled devices allow them to keep track of their responsibilities, with multiple applications for work and recreation. Black Friday deals make them incredibly affordable.

Amazon holiday deals: Echo Second Generation

1. Second-Generation Echo

Incoordination with Alexa, the second-generation Echo can interface with other smart home technology, play music, make phone calls and more.

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Original price: $100

Discounted by: $31

Amazon holiday deals: Echo Plus

2. Echo Plus

With all the standard features of previous models, the Echo Plus has an integrated Zigbee smart home hub and updated Dolby speakers for improved clarity.

Original price: $150

Discounted by: $40

Tablets and E-Readers

With tablets and e-readers, your favorite media are accessible with a few taps of your finger. If you prefer a smaller screen you can hold in your lap instead of your home entertainment system, these devices will let you enjoy your content with convenience. Amazon provides everything you need.

Amazon holiday deals: Fire 7 Kids Edition

3. Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

A tool for education and entertainment, the Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet has a durable case to withstand wear and tear, a seven-inch screen and 16 GB of data.

Original price: $100

Discounted by: $30

Amazon holiday deals: Kindle Paperwhite

4. Kindle Paperwhite

The seventh generation of the Kindle Paperwhite has an adjustable light for its six-inch high-resolution display, with a battery that can last weeks on a single charge.

Original price: $130

Discounted by: $40

Streaming Devices

These devices enable any television to stream content over Wi-Fi, providing access to popular sites like Hulu, Netflix and YouTube. You no longer have to view a video on your smartphone or laptop, scaling it for your enjoyment. Many options are available, but here are two of the best.

Amazon holiday deals: Fire TV Stick

5. Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote

Fire TV Stick from Amazon provides the same utility as any other device in its category, with the added benefit of voice control from Alexa integration.

Original price: $40

Discounted by: $15

Amazon holiday deals: Fire TV Cube

6. Fire TV Cube

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With support for 4K UDH/HDR and Alexa integration, the Fire TV Cube media player allows forfar-field voice control so a viewer can stream their shows without manual input.

Original price: $120

Discounted by: $60

Miscellaneous Items

In categories of their own, these items are no less appealing. If you’re searching for products that are functional and a bit outside the norm, consider the deals that Amazon has prepared for these two products. While you might not have initially had them on your list, they make great gifts for the tech enthusiast who “has everything.”

Amazon holiday deals: Blink Smart Camera

7. Blink XT 1-Cam System

The Blink XT 1-Cam System comes with a wall mount, two-year battery life and HD video collected in cloud storage to keep your home safe from intruders.

Original price: $130

Discounted by: $51

Amazon holiday deals: Smart Plug

8. Amazon Smart Plug

Homeowners who enjoy multiple smart home devices can integrate them into a single network with the Amazon Smart Plug, using Alexa to make adjustments.

Special price: $5 with purchase of an Echo device

Finding the Perfect Holiday Deal

Electronics require more of an investment than many other product categories, but they often make an excellent gift. If you’re searching for something to give your friends and family this holiday season, consider some of the items detailed above. You’ll save an enormous amount of money on something they’ll surely love.

Though the holiday season is enough to overwhelm anybody — and sorting through your options can prove exhausting — this list should serve as a reference to guide you toward the best purchase possible. With a little additional research, you can take advantage of Amazon’s excellent holiday deals.

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